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We love to travel! I have been through nearly all 50 States and most of Western Europe and a smattering of Latin America. We have one son who goes everywhere with us. We took him to Alaska when he was nine months old and we've been traveling ever since.
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mine personally is Wales or Scotland, as a family Maine and Disney World
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The Carnegie Art and Natural Science Museum--the dino and geology exhibits were amazing. Lunch in St. Charles, MO on the river.
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When my two year old ducked through and around us and ran through security at the LAX airport while we were stuck behind the security gate. Thank God for the kindness of strangers

Where to see Christmas Lights Kansas City

Places and neighborhoods to see the best lights and Christmas displays in Kansas City

131st Place west of Antioch Road
Terrace Place Subdivision Overland Park, Kansas

reviewed on: December 08 2010

"Fantastic experience"
This subdivision, like Christmas Card Lane and Candy Cane Lane, have been doing this for years now (I think this year makes 12).  If you are only going to drive through one neighborhood this year, this is the one to choose.  We have gone 8 years now, and each year every house participates.  The whole neighborhood is decorated as one large display that your drive through (as opposed to each house putting on their own individual display).  Words and pictures don't this justice, you have see it to believe it.  It is just magical.  This is the tour our son asks for every year without fail.  The subdivision lights up by the first weekend in December each year.

7611 Falmouth Street
Prairie Village, Kansas

reviewed on: December 08 2010

"Truly Magical"
Mike Babick has been putting out an amazing Christmas display at his house for over 40 years.  My parents would take us there every year when we were children.  We drove by this weekend, and it was bigger and better.  Window display boxes show different scenes.  It is just incredible.  The traffic is thick to total stand still while waiting to drive by.  We parked and walked this year.  This display is worth the wait and is a must see.

7900 block of Outlook Street
Prairie Village, Kansas

reviewed on: December 08 2010

"Candy Cane Lane makes a come back"
Candy Cane Lane is the neighborhood of my childhood.  This neighborhood has been putting on displays for over 50 years.  A few years ago the participation fell away, but last year and this year the participation is back in full swing.  I think every house had something this year.  The traffic is thick so the going is slow, but it is very fun.  

West of Ridgeview and north of 151st Street
Olathe, Kansas

reviewed on: December 08 2010

"Christmas Card Lane"
This is a whole subdivision in Olathe that puts on a neighborhood wide display of giant Christmas Cards.  They are set up so they are easily seen from the car as you slowly cruise through.  This subdivision has been doing this since 2004 and it seems to get better and better every year.


8909 W. 179th St
Overland Park, Kansas

Every year they put on a Holiday Luminary Walk. The lights are beautiful. Bring your own thermos of hot chocolate. This event runs two weekends in the season (usually the weekend after Thanksgiving and the 1st weekend in December) and does cost around $6 for adults and older kids (kids under 5 are free).

reviewed on: February 24 2010

"Gardens, trails, workshops"
The Arboretum is 300 acres of land, most of it is natural ecosystems and the remaining portion (15% according to their website, but it sure seems much larger than that) is the gardens and center with trails.  There are about 5 miles of trails which we love to explore.  We love to go once in each season and take our digital camera to compare the same places on the trails throughout the year.  It is a great place for bird watching to.
   Besides just enjoying the gardens and trails they also offer workshops, classes and programs year round.  They have classes for all ages, including preschoolers.
   Our favorite two planned activites here are the Arts for Kids (for ages 2-12) in early October and the Luminary Holiday Walk (after Thanksgiving and usually first weekend of December).  This event has a small fee ($5 or so), but the gardens are breathtaking.  Bundle up though, because it is Kansas in wintertime.
    This is in a safe neighborhood in Kansas City.  Its a little out of the way, but well worth it.  The facility and parking lot is well lit, clean, there is plenty of parking, and restrooms.  This place is all about family friendly.

215 North Center
Cornerstone Park Gardner, Kansas

reviewed on: December 08 2010

"Christmas in the Park"
Cornerstone Park is lit up with lights! The lights get turned on during a ceremony after Thanksgiving.  Besides the light display (which can easily be seen from the car) this park also puts on visits with Santa Clause, and Candy Cane Hunt, and a Jingle Bell shop where kids can make gifts for their parents.  Call Gardner Parks and Rec for details and dates.  The Candy Cane Hunt is great fun!


4745 Central
Kansas City, Missouri

The Plaza lights get turned on Thanksgiving night with a huge event (music, dancing, announcers-it draws a huge crowd every year) and will stay on until just after New Year. It is just amazing after the sun goes down. You can also book a carriage ride for the family in one of the horse drawn carriages.

reviewed on: February 10 2010

"Fountains and Statues"
The Country Club Plaza is known for two things mostly: the Plaza lights (turned on during the ceremony at Thanksgiving evening) and the out door mall shopping and restaurants.  But one of the things that can be easy to overlook is the fountains and statues.
   I conduct and "art scavanger hunt" every other year on the plaza for highschool students and grades 5th-8th with chaperones.  I give the groups lists of art and fountains they have to find.  The kids snap a picture with their phone or digital camera and mark the location on their map.  I use the two sites below to compile my lists.  It is amazing to me just how much art there is in this fairly small section of the city.
  http://www.countryclubplaza.com/About-Us/International-Works-of-Art   AND
   Kids over the age of 12 can appreciate the art, especially if its involved with some sort of game.  Younger kids will enjoy looking at some of the statues and fountains, but attention will wane quickly I suspect.
   Mill Creek Park (where the perhaps most famous Kansas City is) is on the east edge of the Plaza and is a great place to end your tour by having a picnic near the J.C. Nichols Fountain.