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Top 5 "Must Do" Walt Disney World Attractions with Tweens

These are the top 5 kid friendly attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida as rated by my tween.


Disney's Hollywood Studios
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"Go here at park opening and get a Fastpass"
Toy Story Midway Mania is one of the most popular rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  My daughter is a tween and it is the first attraction that we visit while at this theme park.  The ride itself is based upon the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story, but it's not just a ride, it's interactive! Guests board a vehicle that takes them on a journey through the Toy Story Themed Midway carnival where they play various games, log points, and are awarded with a virtual carnival prize at the completion of the ride.

The wait for this ride regularly borders on 60 minutes. My suggestion is to go directly to the attraction at park opening and obtain a fastpass. You can ride once and then come back and ride again later with your fastpass without the wait.


Disney's Magic Kingdom
Frontierland Lake Buena Vista, Florida

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"Try and ride this at night while the Wishes Fireworks are Showing"
This here is "the wildest ride in the wilderness".  Climb aboard your wild west railroad car for a high speed thrill ride with twists and turns that will keep your tweens and teens squealing with excitement.

This is a popular attraction at the Magic Kingdom.  We love to ride this at night while the Wishes Fireworks are showing. Not only does it cut your wait time down, while everyone is watching the show, you also get an unparalleled view of the Fireworks from the top of the mountain.


200 Epcot Center Dr
Mission: SPACE Pavilion Lake Buena Vista, Florida

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"You can choose to experience the high intensity or low intensity side of this ride"
Mission Space is located in Future World at Epcot.  The ride simulates a space launch, flight, and landing.  After a quick briefing four guests are loaded into the cockpit of their rocket and are each assigned a role as either Commander, Pilot, Navigator or Engineer. After that...its launch time and you will experience something that you've never experienced before.

There are two sides to this attraction. If you get motion sickness, I suggest the low intensity side. If not, take a spin on the high intensity side of the ride. If you are not in good health, have high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems,  do not ride this ride! If you are claustrophobic do not ride this ride.

Families with tweens and teens will love this attraction.


Disney's Magic Kingdom
Tomorrowland Lake Buena Vista, Florida

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"If you can't get a fastpass there are games to play in the queue line"
This is a high speed attraction that is a favorite of our entire family, tween included. Fastpass is available for Space Mountain, however, the newly designed queue line for this ride includes some video games that can be played with other guests while waiting to board.

Once aboard your your rocket, you will race into the darkness of space, with twists, turns and drops which will thrill you!

Do not miss this attraction while at the Magic Kingdom!


Disney's Magic Kingdom
Frontierland Lake Buena Vista, Florida

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"You will get wet on this ride"
Splash Mountain is a wet thrill ride with a 50 foot drop.  Hop aboard a log flume and take a trip to your laughing place! This ride is based upon Disney classic Song of the South.  Fastpass is available and is highly recommended.

We love to ride Splash Mountain in the summer time when its nice and hot because you do get wet!  I would not recommend riding in the winter unless you want to be cold and damp for the rest of the day.

Another secret I have, is that when I board...I always slide my hiney to the front of the seat. Water tends to pool at the back of the seat and this keeps me from having a wet spot on my rear end for the rest of the day.