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Bay Area, California, United States

About Me & My Family
I'm a mother
2 Kids 1-5 years old boys and girls

the arrival of O-dogg completely rocked planet lee back in 2007. we've always loved to travel and got a a better work-out carrying all the extra gear with the extra kid. fast forward 5 years, we were just inches away from being able to board a plane with only carry-ons when KK decided to hit the scene. now we're back to walking the airplane aisles with a toddler.
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, relaxed, independent, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going
We Just Got Back From
San Diego, CA
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere with loved ones
A Place We'd Love To Visit
Middle East and New Zealand
Favorite Vacation Memory
Watching the O-dogg dance to techno music at the Starbucks in Hawaii airport.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Being in a vacation rental with all of our extended family for the holidays. 13 people in all. Was supposed to be a wonderful week of fun, but 10 out of 13 got struck with the stomach virus for a week straight. The lowlights can be summed up in: 4 trips to the ER, 2 IVs for our one year old nephew and a concussion from freeze tag for my brother in-law. What a start to the new year!
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San Francisco Bay Area Water Parks

Are you kids wanting some real water park fun? Here's a list of all the places that are serious about keeping your kids wet and cool this summer in the San Francisco Bay Area.


2500 Stanley Blvd.
Pleasanton, California

Has 4-flume waterslide that's open daily in the summer plus a swimming beach.


6800 Mowry Ave.
Newark, California

Indoor water park with a lazy river, two waterslides, and activity pools.


4701 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, California

A water park with a lap pool, kids wading pool and big kids pool comprised on 3 interconnecting smaller pools. 5 water slides.


40500 Paseo Padre Parkway
Fremont, California

New waterpark with 3 pools (one specially designed for little kids) and a lazy river. 4 water slides.

reviewed on: July 04 2009

"Super fun!"
We just went to Aqua Adventure yesterday with my 2 year old son and our friends who have a 3 and 6 year old. This is a great place, although I would recommend it for 3 years and up or for younger kids who are really into water. My 2 year old still screams bloody murder when you pour on his head to wash out the shampoo. So, if your child is more timid with the water or around loud noises, you might want to come either during the weekday or in a year.

For little guys, there are plenty of places to play
- Lil' Squirts is a little area with fountains spraying everywhere to run through and play with.

- The lazy river is fun and full of people walking. There are a limited number of tubes to float on, but they let you bring your own floaties especially for smaller kids. They also have life jackets to keep you little one afloat the whole time

- Bucket Bay is fun with water slides for the kids who are too small for the tower of slides. There's a huge bucket that fills up with water and dumps gallons and gallons of water on unexpecting kids. This happens about every 2-3 minutes and always generates lots of screaming and giggling. However, this area was a little too loud for my son.

- The pool was nice and quite and great for the kids who are a bit more timid and less into the chaos of fun. We spent most of our time here just going in and out of the water and splashing around. It's nice and quiet and usually filled with the kids who like the calmer scene.

- The water slides are limited to kids who weigh at least 50 pounds. Since I am definitely well over 50 pounds, i went for a quick run down the body tunnel slide. Thrilling to say the least since you're completely in the dark and have absolutely no idea which way you're going to turn next. I LOVED IT! It's the type of ride where you come out of and you get right back in line to do it again! Tweens and teens will definitely love this.

There's plenty of places that are in the shade, but they go quickly. Come early. Most of the crowds come around 1pm, so if you get there when they open at 11am, it's easy to pick your best spot.

The grill/restaurant has decent food, but the lines are long. They have one person manning the grill and cooks everything to order which is a bit slow. They should have burgers and hot dogs pre-cooked always warming on the side.

Fun for the price and the season's pass is definitely well worth it if you're a resident of Fremont. Will definitely be back!


1950 Waterworld Pkwy
Concord, California

A waterpark with a full spectrum of attractions including lazy rivers, waterslides, wave pools and kiddie rides.


Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California

Another classic amusement park which features a water area called the "Boomerang Beach Club." Also has 9 water attractions/rides.


2333 South White Road
San Jose, California

A traditional waterpark with30 waterslides, a wavepool, and more. A large wading pool and minislides for smaller kids.


3050 Hecker Pass Highway
Gilroy, California

Traditional kiddie amusement park with a water play area called the "Splash Garden." An area with spouting water and a treehouse to explore.

reviewed on: July 07 2010

"Fun for the kids"
We've been to Gilroy Gardens in the spring, the heat of summer and also for the holiday lights in December. As you can tell, we like it.

- My 3 year old enjoys about 1/3 of the rides (Red Engine, Pit Stop Racer, train, South Country Backroads,...) The rest are probably best for kids 5-8.

- Bring towels and swimwear if you go in the summer. The water features are fun, but the kids will certainly get wet. There's one water park for 1-3 year olds and the other for 3-8 year olds.

- If you're an amusement park family, you can get a Gold pass at Great America and it will also work at Gilroy gardens. For only $20, you can upgrade your pass and get free parking for the season.

- Holiday Lights - Beautiful, but not as crazy-tricked out as other Christmas lanes around the Peninsula. The laser light show is average and a bit hyped, but great if you're kids are bit sensitive to noise. These fireworks are smaller than your Disney-sized shows and a good first experience.

Remember that the park doesn't open until 4pm in the winter for the Holiday Lights and it's only on the weekends. Dress warm or else you'll freeze and end up wearing home a Gilroy Garden sweatshirt (which you'll now find in every closet in the Lee household)