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About Me & My Family

We love to travel! I have been through nearly all 50 States and most of Western Europe and a smattering of Latin America. We have one son who goes everywhere with us. We took him to Alaska when he was nine months old and we've been traveling ever since.
Our Family's Travel Personality
curious, spontaneous, easy_going
We Just Got Back From
NYC, Philly, New England and Virginia
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
mine personally is Wales or Scotland, as a family Maine and Disney World
A Place We'd Love To Visit
the Badlands
Favorite Vacation Memory
The Carnegie Art and Natural Science Museum--the dino and geology exhibits were amazing. Lunch in St. Charles, MO on the river.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
When my two year old ducked through and around us and ran through security at the LAX airport while we were stuck behind the security gate. Thank God for the kindness of strangers

Kansas City to Pittsburgh and back again

The journey may seem daunting with kids, but there are so many places along I-70 to stop, romp, and have fun.  You'll want to do it again, I know I do.  We went by car to Pittsburgn and home again.

1050 Riverside Drive
Bishop's Landing Saint Charles, Missouri

Just the right size for all ages. A great town to eat outside near the river then hit this small museum and nature center before getting back in the car.

reviewed on: February 04 2010

"Great fun and so affordable in a beautiful location"
   This museum is worth the stop nestled in the historic district of St. Charles on the river.  The museum is self guided (which I find more child friendly).  It has displays from the Lewis and Clark expedition, Native American displays and the Missouri River's ecosystem.  We enjoyed the displays and overall feel of the museum.  It is on the smaller size, so its great for shorter attention spans and can easily be folded in to other things to see around town or makes a great place to stop for an activity and picnic on the river.
   They have gift shop.  There are tons of cafes and restaurants nearby for lunch (within walking disance) and there is plent of parking.


3000 N. Meridian
Indianapolis, Indiana

Tons to do hear. Check out their website before going.

reviewed on: March 09 2010

"Award Winning Activity"
  Great for all ages.  We could have easily spent a whole day there. There was a playscape area for toddlers/preschoolers, puppet shows, lego kingdom and a ton of hands on exhibits were a toddler could wander around and have fun.
    We took our 8 year old son and he loved it.  His favorites were Dinosphere, Take Me There Egypt (it was set up like you are walking through the markets, homes, etc-it's awesome), and the Science Port.  We could have spent all day in the science works area alone.
    Stop by their website before going for lots of information on their exhibits ahead of time.  It helps to know what to expect.  Their website is amazing and full of information.    
   There are restrooms on every floor, so you don't have to tromp clear back to the main floor, which is nice.  There are places to eat and the museum store.
This is an award winning childrens museum and I can see why.


95 N Parkview Dr
Brookville, Ohio

INDOOR POOL! Great place to stop for the night on the way to Pittsburg.

reviewed on: March 09 2010

"Great Family Place to Stay"
   Clean, newly remodeled, roll away cots available, free breakfast.   There is an INDOOR POOL and fitness center (to help every work out the travel kinks).
   Conveniently located just off I-70 so its a great place to stop for the night.
   We will stop here again on our way to PA.


1111 East Broad Street
on the River Columbus, Ohio

Pretty close to Brooksville, but a great place to stop. The park is right here so you can run and have snack before getting back in the car.

reviewed on: February 09 2010

"What a blast-another living history event"
The Santa Maria is a replica of  Columbus's flagship.  It is docked in the river and absolutely a must see.
    The tours onboard are guided and very family friendly.  You have a chance to use navigation tools like Columbus would have used and play games like the sailors would have played to pass the time.  Its a living history tour, so people are dressed up and playing the part.   The tours last about 45 mintues and you get to explore the ship with your guide.  It is very hands on and cool.  
    We stopped off in Columbus on our way to Pittsburgh from Kansas.  It was a perfect place to get out stretch, learn something, and regroup.  Battelle Riverfront Park is right off the ship and we had a great picnic lunch and ran around before getting back into the car to jouney on.  It was a great two hour stop and we'll do it again.


520 N Bell Ave
Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Close to Pittsburgh, but leave time in the morning to get through the tunnel.

reviewed on: March 09 2010

"Near Pittsburgh"
  Clean, family friendly.  Like other Extended Stays, it has a full service kitchen with the pots, plates, etc.  
   The family suites have a seperate area for the king bed and living space (with roll out sleeper couch).  
   Close to Pittsburgh, but on the other side of the tunnel, so you'll have to travel through the tunnel to get to Pittsburgh.  


4400 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Check out the dinos and Monet's Water Lilies

reviewed on: February 03 2010

"Best Natural History Museum"
The Natural History Museum was designed for kids and adults both.  Besides their kids activity room which is filled with feel, do, discover activities this museum also has a dino dig where kids put on goggles and try to uncover bones.  The exhibits are amazing, dinos in their own habitat with lots of interactive displays, a rock room, geology, and strats-o-vator are must sees.  They even have a mummy.  We spent hours in just the natural history part of the museum.  There are three choices for lunch: bring you own and eat outside, a kids friendly cafe (sandwiches, hotdogs) and a more adult themed cafe (which also serves chicken fingers).  An absolute must if you are going anywhere close to Pittsburg.


One Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Great for all ages.

reviewed on: February 09 2010

"A must to do in Pittsburgh"
This science center is amazing!  There is something for all ages.
  We loved it so much we skipped the zoo on the last day of our vacation and went here again.  It is very hands on, lots of rooms, displays and interactives.  
  The omniplex is worth a visit--I've never seen anything like it.  And its a great way to unwind and regroup (we saw the show right after lunch when the younger kids with us were getting worn out and cranky).  Its a great way to recharge for the second round.
   We have been to a lot of sciece centers and have one in our home town--this is our favorite by far.  Our son's favorites were the robots.  


7340 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Check out the shark and polar bear tunnels.

reviewed on: March 09 2010

"Get the Zoo Key"
  Get the zoo key to use throughout the zoo at different displays/exhibits/stops.  Its great fun for the kids of all ages.  It's only a couple of dollars.
   At this zoo, you can see the animals, which is very nice.  
   Our favorite was the shark tunnel, where you walk through and see the sharks swimming around.  We also loved the penguins and kids kingdom.
   There are plenty of restrooms, places to eat, and some play spaces too.  Great fun for all ages.


1103 Avenue Of Mid America
Effingham, Illinois


reviewed on: March 09 2010

"Great location, INDOOR POOL"
  Newly renovated, great location along I-70, clean, plenty of parking.
   They have an indoor pool and fitness center, so it's a perfect place to let everyone unwind and let out some steam.  
    It is literally right off I-70 so its perfect.  There are nearby gas stations and places to eat for dinner-so it is literally a great refueling station on all levels.
   We will stay here again when we travel through next year.  Very family friendly.


402 South Lincoln Hwy Rd
Lerna, Illinois

Great place to run around and have a snack.

reviewed on: February 09 2010

"Living History Weekends too"
This is the Lincoln Family log cabin and farm.  The visitors center has a small museum and  a short film presentation.  Both are very well done, especially for their size and duration.  The museum section is interesting and has interactive speech pieces.  
   The cabin and farmstead have period furniture and pieces in them, which makes it more interesting.  My 8 year old boy had a blast.  He loved seeing the underground area where they stored food and couldn't believe how small the cabin was.  
   We went  during a living history weekend, which I think is the best time to go because the "characters" will enteract with you, explaining what they're doing or going to do next, etc.  
    There is a gift shop, indoor restrooms, and during living history weekends they usually offer a lunch for a small fee (historically accurate of course).  There is plenty of parking and a picnin area.
   The Sargent Farm is on the same property, which is farmstead from the same era.  It is an interesting contrast to the Lincoln farmstead.  Lincoln was a subsistance farmer and Sargent was more of a commercial farmer, when the idea of commercial farming was just starting and not always successful.
    We had a great time.  The tours are self-paced and are both indoor and outdoor so there is plenty of chances for fidgety kids to run and jump between displays.  Both farms are very family friendly and volunteers are invested in keeping history alive.