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We are a busy family with 3 kids and we don't sit still. When we aren't running off to scouts, dance, sports, etc., we really enjoy spending time as a family. If we have a day we will try to find someplace local to explore. If we have a weekend we go a little further. Give us a week and we can really pack it in. We are always on the lookout for family friendly destinations (especially hotels which seem so hard to find!). Our vacations are not spent floating in the pool...they are spent exploring the area to its fullest!
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adventurous, curious, energetic, easy_going
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Washington DC
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My daughter is such a pip and thinks the hotel is the destination. If we do sightseeing along the way she just keeps asking "when are we going to get to the hotel?" She loves checking out our new "home away from home" and she LOVES the fact that she gets to share a room with someone!!
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the car sick kid
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Father's Day Indoor fun in Jersey

Weather not cooperating on dad's big day?  No worries!  There are plenty of fun things to do inside!


1441 Boardwalk
(at New York Ave) Atlantic City, New Jersey

reviewed on: November 10 2010

"Believe It!"
This was our second visit to Ripley's and we were just as delighted this time around as we were the first.  It really is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.   Room after room of interesting exhibits keep you entertained and amazed.  Some things you see will make you just shake your head in wonderment.  Don't rush through, take your time to really look around each room so you don't miss anything.  

My kids loved measuring themselves up against the world's tallest man and learning bizzarre facts from around the world.  

Disclosure: My family was provided complimentary admission into the museum to faciliate this review.  
(original review written December 2010)
We decided to head to Atlantic City on a day off from school.  I researched some things to do and I knew this was a must see stop for my kids.  My boys (10, 8) love odd facts and finds.  However, even my daughter (6) enjoyed it.

They have exhibits on display visible on the boardwalk that are pretty neat and draw you in.  What I was surprised to find was how big this museum actually was inside and how it entertained us for a longer period of time than I had originally anticipated.

There are over 400 exhibits in this Odditorium ranging from eclectic to the pure bizzare and unbelievable.  You weren't quite sure what you would find next as you moved from room to room.  

As you venture through there are many "carnival" games like a fortune teller & such that require money to play.  My kids didn't even seem to notice these as being anything other than a display but since yours might, I thought I'd give you a heads up.

Be sure to search for some coupons before you go.  I found a coupon for a free adult admission in our Entertainment book.  


222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City, New Jersey

reviewed on: December 30 2009

"Fun for all"
There are so many hands-on exhibits that the kids are sure to be entertained and curious all while learning new things.  They especially loved the Wonder Why exhibit where they got to climb a rock wall and play with large bubbles.  The bubble exhibit kept them occupied for quite some time!  Another favorite was the In Our Hudson Home where they enjoyed the fish tanks and playing with the river.  The river exhibit was interactive and they could change the flow  of it by re-distributing the sand.  For the littlest visitors there is the I Explore exhibit which is specially designed (and age restricted) for kids age 2-5 giving them the chance to explore and discover.

Another favorite was the live demonstrations.  We saw a demonstration on Dry Ice and another on surgery where the kids got to participate.  Check the schedule of events when you arrive for a list of demo's and their time and location.

The IMAX theater had a lot of shows to choose from.  They offer combo tickets for admission and IMAX.  

Be sure to stop on the landings and look out the windows to check out great views of the Statue of Liberty!

College Drive
Toms River, New Jersey

reviewed on: January 24 2011

"A trip around the galaxy"
The newly renovated planetarium is open once again for visitors and our girl scout troop planned a trip for our girls and their families.  Most of the kids present were 6-7 year old girls with some older kids in attendance.  

The show we saw was Wonders of the Night Sky.  This is a great overview of stars, planets and constellations.  The best part of it is that we were able to see what the sky would look like that night.  

All 3 of my kids (age 6,8,10) said they had fun but my 10 year old son got a lot out of the experience.  He felt he learned a lot and he thought it was great being able to see pictures up on the dome and relate them to the stars.  He learned a lot about the constellations and planest.  All 3 were excited to go outside that night and try to locate some of them in the sky.

The shows vary with the season making it a place we can go back to.  The best part is the Wonders of the Sky show relates to the current season and what you can see in your own backyard.  There are 3 or 4 different shows available, most are recommended for age 10 and up.  Based on my kids reactions, I think this is the perfect age to get the most out of the programs.

There are full bathroom facilities and a small gift shop.  Food and drinks are not permitted.  

Engleside and Beach Avenutes
Beach Haven, New Jersey

reviewed on: June 03 2010

"Theater for everyone"
We love the Surflight Theater and have seen many wonderful shows.  It is a small theater and so there is no such thing as a bad seat.  They offer plays of various genres, concerts and special events.  

For families with younger children you can give them the theater experience with the Surflight Children's Theater.  Shows run during the summer approximately 1-2 weeks per show.  Tickets are only $10 making it an affordable theater experience as well.  Examples of shows are Sleeping Beauty, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and many more!  

202 Centre St.
Beach Haven, New Jersey

reviewed on: June 03 2010

"I sing for ice cream"
The atmosphere is an old fashioned ice cream parlor and is a super fun place.  The waiters and waitresses put on a singing performance which entertains all ages.  

They have several ice cream and yogurt flavors  available served in shakes, cones, sundaes and they also feature "special sundaes" such as the Peter Pan and Fiddler on the Roof.  

A warning to the shy....when those singing waiters return to your table with your order YOU will be expected to sing or your ice cream!  The kids find this fun (and funny) and most adults are able to get in the spirit of the moment.  

If you don't have the time to sit for the show, there is a take out window located on the other side of the store.  Lines can be long, especially if a show just let out from the theater next door.