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San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

About Me & My Family
I'm a mother
3 Kids 5-13 years old boys and girls

When we travel, good food and adventure always abound. Our family loves to push the limit of what we can do with children. Our mantra has always been - have kids, will travel. However, this doesn't mean I'm unlike most frantic moms before a trip. Wanting adventure and being a control freak can sometimes be a lethal combination.
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, independent, spontaneous
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Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Hawaii, Montana, Lake Tahoe
A Place We'd Love To Visit
New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Eastern Europe, Italy
Favorite Vacation Memory
Climbing Machu Picchu with a 4 month old infant in a slight and having all the locals stop us to ask what happened to his feet which were all bundled up. They just couldn't believe it wouldn't be bow legged.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Getting to the airport on our way to Scotland with my 15 month old and discovering that my husband's passport had expired. Instead of rebooking all of our flights, we decided that I would do the first leg of our journey on my own with baby. Unfortunately, we had not packed for me to be flying by myself. I could bearly walk to the runway with all my bags and a 15 month old who would get distracted by everything along the way. He then proceeded to sleep only 1 hour of the entire 11 hour journey (red-eye). It was pretty miserable.
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Best Museums for Children in New York City

New York City is a city filled with world class museums, but not all museums are created equal in the eyes of a child.  Here are the top 10 museums will wow your kids while opening up their minds in wonderful ways.


American Museum of Natural History
79th Street And Central Park West New York (Manhattan), New York

This is the museum to take kids to in New York City consistently getting rave reviews from families for it's stunning dinosaur collection, the Hayden's sphere, and out of this world educational exhibits. Mom and Dad are sure to learn a ton as well. You could easily spend more than a day exploring this museum.

reviewed on: November 12 2008

"Fantastic dinosaur collection"
The american Museum of Natural History in New York is really quite something.  From the moment that you enter the museum, you are stunned by the huge brontosaurus in the atrium.  As an adult, you feel so small.  I can only imagine how my 5 year old felt.  As an adult, I found the Hyden's Sphere exhibit really fascinating.  Walk around the sphere and it compares relative sizes in the known universe to the sphere. Going from large to small.  For example, if the Hyden's sphere was the known universe, this ball would be the milky get my point.  Young children will probably find it pretty boring, but I think that a 10 year old could find it pretty fascinating.  Young children will probably find the dinosaur bone collect absolutely fascinating.  The museum also has wonderful children's programs that aren't expensive, but are highly engaging and educational.  They start from age 4 onwards.  From children age 5-12, the discovery museum allows children to engage with the sciences through hands on experiences.  From assembling a life size protosuchus to hunting for animals in a baobab tree, it's never ending fun in the discovery museum.  This has got to be one of New York's finest museums...and definitely a must see for any family.


11 East 26th Street
New York (Manhattan), New York

A museum that will make you fall in love with mathematics even if you didn't love math to begin with. Experience math that you can see, touch, move, hear.  


1000 Fifth Avenue
New York (Manhattan), New York

While you might not immediately think that your kids could enjoy an art museum, the gigantic Metropolitan Museum of Art has such a variety of art that your kids, especially school age kids, are sure to find an area that will grab their interest. Highly recommended by Trekaroo families is the galleries for Ancient Civilizations. Don't miss the pyramid! The family audio tour guide will help your kids appreciate the different galleries in an age appropriate way.


222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City, New Jersey

Okay, this technically not in New York City, but it's just outside in New Jersey.  For school age children, this updated science museum is full of educational and interactive exhibits that will teach and thrill by bring science  alive.


212 West 83rd Street
New York (Manhattan), New York

The Children's Museum of Manhattan is great for really young kids (under 5) to explore for an hour or two. The outdoor play area is great on hot summer days.


108 Orchard St.
New York (Manhattan), New York

Take a walk back in time at this living history museum that will give your kids a tangible sense of the kind of living conditions immigrants to New York City experienced many generations ago.  Best for middle and high school children.


278 Spring Street
New York (Manhattan), New York

Do you have a little firefighter in your family?  Then you must visit the New York City Fire Museum.  Kids has a blast at this excellent museum learning about what it's like to be a fire fighter.  There are also exhibits that tell the story of 9/11 and other significant events.  See how fire trucks have evolved through the decades.  A true New York City gem.


Ellis Island
New York (Manhattan), New York

For older children (12 and up) who are learning about American History, Ellis island such a valuable history lesson.  Even if your kids aren't particularly interested in history, they will enjoy the ferry ride over to the island.  Definitely take the audio tour.


1000 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, New York

The Staten Island Children's Museum is a little hard to get to, but families who have been here love it.  In particular, the massive play kitchen is a big hit.  This museum is geared towards young ones who will also  enjoy the playground area just outside.  When you're exploring the museum, you can also explore Snug Harbor.


234 W. 42nd Street
New York (Manhattan), New York

This wax museum will fascinate your kids with how realistic and life like the wax replicas of famous people are. There a few scary areas that you might want to steer clear off with little ones, but older kids will be fascinated. Yes, this wax museum does live up to all the hype. Best for kids 7 and up.