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5 Tot-Friendly Restaurant Favorites at Disney

These are 5 of our favorite restaurants to bring our toddlers.  They are sure to please the little ones!


3111 World Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

The Crystal Palace is our favorite restaurant to eat at while at Magic Kingdom. The kids love the visits from the Winnie the Pooh characters and the food, although buffet style, is good.

reviewed on: March 27 2009

"Best dining experience!"
This was the best dining experience of our trip.  We could see why it was voted Best Magic Kingdom Park Restaurant for young kids.  It is a buffet so there is plenty to choose from even if you have a picky child.  While you are eating, the Winnie the Pooh characters are walking around meeting kids, taking pictures, and signing autograph books.  


1180 7 Seas Dr
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Quick and tasty, we like to eat at The Pinocchio Village Haus when we are looking to get back on the rides.

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"Great choice for quick meal."
If we are at Magic Kingdom and we don't want to spend a lot of time or money we eat lunch here at the Pinocchio Village Haus.  It is inexpensive compared to a lot of other options in the parks.  You can move through the lines quickly and there is plenty of seating available.  Chicken strips and fries are tasty.  The one thing I was disappointed in was that there are no hamburgers on the menu.  If you have one in your family looking for a burger, skip this restaurant and head to another.  


505 North Rainforest Road
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Our two little ones are the most entertained at the Rainforest Cafe. Their eyes get big and round when the thunderstorms start and my daughter says she has to go to the bathroom 25 times just so she can walk around and look at the animals and the real fish just one more time!

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"Animals and thunderstorms!"
Rainforest Cafe is a great place to eat lunch and take a break from the humidty and sunshine.  The meals are about 15-30 dollars a person and the food is a little bit better than your typical amusement park hamburger.  We love to eat at Rainforest Cafe with the kids because of the atmosphere.  You are surrounded by the rainforest "animals" and every few minutes (15 if I am remembering correctly?) a thunderstorm occurs.  There is a fish tank that the kids will like to see as well.  Definitely make a reservation before you go to help minimize the wait.  If we get offered a table in the bar area, we always take it because there is still plenty to see and the wait is usually shorter.


Marketplace Downtown Disney
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

What toddler doesn't like ice cream!?! The kids will love the big ice cream sundaes that are set in front of them. Share a sundae to save money and keep the sugar intake down!

reviewed on: February 14 2010

"Worth every penny!"
This is a pricey ice cream shop (my favorite dish is the Butterscotch Fudge Sundae which is $7.95) but it is worth every penny.  The kids will love the large sundaes or the yummy hot chocolate.  It is perfect to cure the sweet tooth and take a break from the wandering.  It is across the way from one of the large shops, so you can head over there and pick up a souvenir afterwards!


1676 E Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Travel back in time and eat with the dinosaurs. If we aren't headed to the Rainforest Cafe, this is my son's next pick when we are at Downtown Disney.

reviewed on: February 14 2010

Much like the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, dining in T-Rex Cafe makes your little one feel like they are dining with the dinos because you are surrounded!  There are a couple of interactive things for the kids like a Discovery Dig, but my kids' favorite?  The ability to build their own dinosaur in the Build a Dino Build a Bear Workshop!  Most of the meals are about 15-18 dollars.  Definitely make a reservation before you go.  We went and waited almost 2 hours to get in without a reservation.  Luckily it was about 5 and we just got a snack and wandered Downtown Disney while we waited.