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We are a French family who has been living in the US for 15 years. We spend all our summers in France, visiting our family as well as other European countries. I write travel books and I am having lots of fun doing that. So far I published two: 'Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free' and 'Your Guide to Visit San Francisco for Free', both available on
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Thais having a very smelly bowel movement in her diaper while listening to our guide at the Sydnedy Opera House and throwing up right after that on the beautiful Sydney Opera Floor (she was 4 months old)
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20 Best Food Factory Tours

Families will have a wonderful time learning where their favorite food items are coming from and all the steps that need to be put into place to go from a raw material to a finished product that will hit the shelves.
A hit with everybody: free sample and tasting at the end of almost every tour.

As a reminder:
- check out if there is a minimum age requirement for children
- make reservations if necessary
- if your child suffers from allergy to nuts, a quick phone call to the factory is necessary just to be on the safe side.
- Arrange to tour during a weekday as machinery may not be operating during the week-end.


117 Mission Avenue
Cashmere, Washington

Visitors will be amazed to see how many steps, hands, machines and ingredients are needed to create a box of candies or chocolates. Children will definitely look at candies and chocolate in a different way after visiting the factory.


4175 Highway 101 North
Tillamook, Oregon

167,000 pounds of Tillamook Cheese are being processed every day and you will get a close hand on how it is done. You will know the difference in processing sharp versus extra sharp cheddar and you will get to taste some tasty cheese at the end of the tour.


1 Jelly Belly Lane
Fairfield, California

One hour away from San Francisco, enjoy seeing how President Reagan's favorite candies are made. You will be surprised to learn how long it takes for a jelly bean to be created from start to finish (I give you a hint, it is more than a week). Nice treats will wait for you at the end of the tour. You can also contact the Jelly Belly Factory to inquire about their private behind the scene tours. It is a small committee of 6 people over 6 years old who get to go on the factory floor! (fee)

reviewed on: March 19 2009

What a nice place to visit! I did not know who was the happiest, the parents or the children. It is fascinating to see how the candies are made and how long it takes to make one. Do not go on a week-end, the machines are stopped and you will miss all the fun.


56 Ross Alley
San Francisco, California

Look carefully or you may miss Ross Alley and the Golden Gate Fortune cookies factory. It is basically a hole in the wall with employees folding fortune cookies by hand. Free samples but you have to tip to take a picture of the facility. A different experience.


1028 E. Edna Place
Covina, California

The children will definitely enjoy taking a tour of this candy factory where they will receive treats at the end of the tour.


3780 West Directors Row (1100 South)
Salt Lake City, Utah

250 different candy items are processed in this factory. Tours are only available by appointment.


4600 Sleepytime Drive
Boulder, Colorado

Welcome to the world of teas and scents where you will discover how the leaves end up in the sweet smelling bags.


5735 N Washington Street
Denver, Colorado

You can enjoy the regular tour and observe the making of the candies but you can also make candies yourself. Check out their behind the scenes tour (fee) when you can become a real candy maker.


9406 N Highway 33
Osborn, Missouri

Children will have the opportunity to bottle feed a calf or milking a cow while touring the facility where milk is produced and bottled.


25 Carol Road
Winchester, Kentucky

Ale-8-One is part of the state history. It is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence. So make sure you go for on a tour if you visit Kentucky.


10100 Jelly Belly Lane
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

This is the twin tour of the Jelly Belly CA with an added plus for Wisconsin: the tour of the warehouse in train.


6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr
Chicago, Illinois

You will know all the secrets behind the making of a cheesecake and cherry of a top, will even have your own slice to taste at the end of the tour.


121 Baker Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia

This is a definitely a must do if you are in the Atlanta area. The tour is definitely one of the most expensive I have seen so far but it is worth doing if you want to take a peak on one of the most famous companies in the world. And where else can you try dozens of qualities of coca-cola?


900 High St
Hanover, Pennsylvania

See how a potato becomes several little potato chip in this tour that is going to make you hungry. Free.


20 Herr Drive
Nottingham, Pennsylvania

All your favorite snacks under one roof and the joy and excitement of seeing them made. Free


219 East Main Street
Lititz, Pennsylvania

This is a small facility and the ideal tour of young children. You will see how the bakers twist the pretzels and you will then try your hand on it.


1281 Waterbury Stowe Rd
Waterbury Center, Vermont

A favorite amongst children. No introduction is needed. The children will definitely have a blast seeing how one of their favorite desserts is made. A scoop of flavor of the day ice-cream will be waiting for you at the end of the tour.

221 Daniel Webster Highway
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Beer for the parents, horses for the children. Everybody will be very pleased at the end of the visit. After visiting the beer brewery and tasting some beer (for those aged 21 and up), everybody will enjoy seeing beautiful horses in their nearby stables.


100 Breed's Hill Road
Hyannis, Massachusetts

A self-paced tour to enjoy before picking up some goodies from their store and heading to Nauset beach and lighthouse. Free.


106 East Main Street
West Jefferson, North Carolina

This is also a self-paced visit as you will watch the cheese being made from a viewing room. This is ideal for families with small children.