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We are a French family who has been living in the US for 15 years. We spend all our summers in France, visiting our family as well as other European countries. I write travel books and I am having lots of fun doing that. So far I published two: 'Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free' and 'Your Guide to Visit San Francisco for Free', both available on
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Thais having a very smelly bowel movement in her diaper while listening to our guide at the Sydnedy Opera House and throwing up right after that on the beautiful Sydney Opera Floor (she was 4 months old)
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12 things to do around San Francisco on New Years' Day 2011

Ever feel like New Year's day is a little anti-climatic especially for kids because everyone has no idea what to do with themselves?  In putting together this list, I could hardly believed how many fun museums and activities are actually open on New Year's Day 2011.  So, if don't feel like seeing bored kids moping around the house, here are a list of activities and museums that are open on January 1, 2011 you might want to plan an outing to for New Year's Day.   Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2011.


1192 Market Street
San Francisco, California

Shrek the Musical will close on January 2nd. So make sure that you book your tickets right now if you want to enjoy the musical on January 1st.


2661 Taylor St.
San Francisco, California

Let's start the year in a very sporty way. Riding your bike along the Bay and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is beyond beautiful and a wonderful activity to share as a family. Everybody will start the year with a smile on their face as they cross one of California landmarks.

reviewed on: December 13 2010

"It was a fabulous experience"
Renting bikes from Bay City Bike was a smooth and wonderful experience. I do not know how they did it but they got my youngest daughter to jump on a ride-along bike attached to her dad's bike even though she had decided she would not go. She wanted her own bike but it was so  much easier that way. They gave us great advice, we followed their map and instructions and it was a wonderful family experience.
Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was out of this world, we love it. We did not take the ferry back as we never reached Sausalito. Riding from Fisherman's Wharf and crossing the bridge back and forth was enough for us.
They are open every day, they are friendly and their prices are correct. I highly recommend them.


The Embarcadero & Beach Street
San Francisco, California

There is a lot of things to do on Fisherman's Wharf on New Year's Day. Starting with a visit to the Aquarium of the Bay. Enjoy observing rays and sharks while you pass through the glass tunnel and try to spot the octopus.

reviewed on: November 30 2009

"Just ok"
I have been to the Aquarium of the Bay a couple of times when my children were little. They enjoyed it at that time but I would not take them now that they are elementary age kids. It is small and looks old. I would rather take them to the Monterey Aquarium, even if it is not close by.


145 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, California

That is a very 'weird' way to start the New Year. I am still confused about that place (or by the Parisian Wax museum Musee Grevin) but one thing I can not deny is that my children had a blast viewing the wax characters. So maybe you should give it a try and cross it from your list.

reviewed on: November 30 2009

"Children liked it though"
Let's say that my husband and I are not a big fan of any Wax museum, I saw the Musee Grevin in Paris, he saw the Tussaud Museum in London and that was enough for a lifetime. We went there because we had a GO CARD and the museum was included. I wanted my children to see what a wax museum looked like. I was in for a surprise because they sincerely enjoy seeing the wax characters. I did not find the characters to be that well made and I am not sure if they are at real height. But that did not seem to bother my daughters who really enjoyed their walk in the museum.


Pier 39 - Building O, Level 2
Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco, California

This is a new addition to the Fisherman's Wharf. So have fun finding your way through the glass maze. You are up for good laughs and great fun.


Taylor and Embarcadero (Pier 45)
San Francisco, California

The Musee Mecanique is one of these fun places where you will spend a couple of dollars playing old games and will leave with a smile on your face. A nice stop during a visit to the Wharf.

reviewed on: April 28 2009

"Nice but not the best"
I used to LOVE the Musee Mecanique when it was located by the ocean. Sure it was little but it was special. Now it is so much bigger at this new location but it lost its originality. My children still like it but it is definitely not the same ambiance, now it is more touristy.


PIER 39 Beach and Embarcadero Streets
San Francisco, California

Start 2011 with an amazing experience: whale watching. Amazing animals spotting and no better way to start 2011.


2766 Taylor Street
San Francisco, California

Everytime I see one of the Duck Tour Ride in San Francisco, all aboard seem to have a great time. So that maybe a very nice and entertaining way to discover the city on the first day of the year.


Pier 43½, at the intersection of Taylor and Embarcadero
San Francisco, California

If you are a resident of the Bay Area, chances are that you have not taken a cruise in the Bay. That's for tourists right? It should not be. This is an amazing experience and the opportunity to see San Francisco from a different angle.


Union Square
San Francisco, California

The Ice Rink will be open for those who want to go for a glide on the ice on the first day of the year. Book in advance to make sure you do not have to change plans.


201 South Market Street
San Jose, California

This may not be for the faint of heart but why not start 2011 by learning a couple of things or two about our body? Check out Body Worlds Vital at the Tech Museum. If you do not think you can stomach it after partying the night before, no worries, you have till January 31st to visit the exhibition.

reviewed on: April 14 2011

I do not know why it took me so long to bring my children to the Tech Museum. I went with them (12 and 9) and they just loved it. They could not get enough of learning, making experiences and discoveries and just having plain fun. There is enough to do for hours: it is money well spent.


886 Cannery Row
Monterey, California

Make it a day trip and enjoy the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My daughters are advising you not to feed the otters feeding and I second that. It is very entertaining and a nice place to spend the day.

reviewed on: April 28 2009

"Interesting and fun"
It is hard to pick that we liked best: the jellyfish, the otters (do not miss the feeding!), the sharks, the eels (ugly but fascinating to watch) or the divers cleaning the windows!!!!
One of the places in the Bay Area that you do not want to miss. The whole family will have a nice time.