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Best Western View Of Lake Powell Hotel

716 Rimview Drive, Page, Arizona
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1 Review for BEST WESTERN View of Lake Powell Hotel

February 17 2013
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ok - I normally stay at Best Western with my family on vacations - great rates and clean comfortable rooms.  We arrived late-ish - about 9:30p.  I have 2 young-ish kids and they were already asleep when we pulled up - we had a big, fun, exhausting day.  I checked in with a lackluster staff of 3 who clearly had better things to do - this is not my usual experience at Best Westerns.  Get to our room, and it's BOILING - the hallway was about 15 degrees cooler - at least 90 to 95 degrees and I am not exaggerating.  So I go back down to the desk and ask for a room that is cool.  They tell me that it will cool off soon.  I counter with I don't have time to wait as my kids need to get to sleep.  We volley a bit, and they ask if we have touched anything in the room - REALLY??  I looked them dead in the eye and tell them that yes, my kids probably touched something, and that I'd like a new room.  A manager (I'm assuming) is sitting in an office just off the check-in desk eating his dinner, presumably listening and doing nothing.  The front desk clerk rolls her eyes and tells the other clerk to rent our current room last.  So we get a new room and it's fine.  I know that Page is a tourist area and that they don't worry too much about repeat business but this place was ridiculous.  They sent a customer satisfaction survey to me and I filled it out - heard back from the front desk manager (a woman so not the person in the office that night) that she was sorry and that they hope I would consider giving them another chance.  Ummmm....   no.

updated: 09/29/16 by travelwithkids66

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