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May 27 2015
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"Worth the trip!"

The Asticou garden is small but it's gorgeous. There is a short trail which loops around the garden with lots of little benches and steps to sit on to rleax and enjoy the peacefullness of the area. In May the azaleas were in full bloom and just stunning as they reflected off the surface of the pond. The kids loved to look for bugs and frogs in the water and had fun hoping on the stepping stones to cross the creek. I would recommend bringing your camera and taking advantage of the flowers! There is a small donation box in the front, with a recommended donation of $5 per person but you essentially have free reighn of the place once inside. There is also a nice little restroom which is easy to get to from anywhere in the garden.

Asticou Azalea Garden
Maine 3 & Route 3,
Mount Desert,
Maine 04660
May 27 2015
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"Mountains, Beach, WIldlife, Acadia has it all!"

Our family of 5 took a road trip up to Acadia from Pensvylvania this spring (by spring I mean late May because that's when it comes to the northeast). We were planning on staying 2 days here and then driving back down to Boston to finish of our week. After a day, we decided to skip Boston and just spend the week here. It was the week before the season actually starts (which is Memorial day weekend) so it was quiet, serene, and incredibly peaceful. We spent everyday hiking around the island. If your schedule is flexible, this is the week I would pick to go. Although I will mention not everything is open until after Memorial Day so if you want to do EVERYTHING the area has to offer wait until later in the summer. The weather was perfect for us, cool but not cold and mostly sunny.

We spent our first day doing the Junior Ranger program with the kids. They love to earn their badges at all of the national Parks we hit. If you go during early May many of the Ranger programs will not have started yet, however the park rangers are eager to help and share (and you're getting more one on one time :) since things are so quiet. Our kids loved the bird museum in the upper station and the Ranger there even talked to them about why birds have different types of beaks. That was fun for a homeschooling family!

The second day we did the park loop stopping at all the major spots like Thunder Hole, Seal Harbor, etc. Because our kids are still pretty little, we skipped the "scenic" views and took more adventurous stops. We got out to see a beaver dam up close, found a creek to go exploring in just off the road, and even saw a deer just the oppostie side of seal harbor. The main loop has LOTS of pull of areas and often times you can just park in the lane as its one-way in most areas. We put the baby in the Ergo and we were off to get dirty!

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park,
Bar Harbor,
Maine 04069
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May 27 2015
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"Bubble Scallion Pancake"

I had seen so many Instagram pictures with bubble scallion pancakes from Peter Chang's the size of children's heads. My curiosity was piqued.

At this point, I'd be happy if my picky eater chose to eat anything other than a hot dog or cheeseburger when dining out. So, I figured those bubble pancakes might just inspire him to be more adventurous. It worked!

We weren't offered a children's menu - but I  managed to order plenty of food for both my son and I to try. Of course, we tried the friend bubble scallion pancakes; we also ordered the fried eggplant sticks and a chicken entree with mushrooms, pea pods, carrots and asparagus.

While not very healthy, the bubble scallion pancakes were so much fun. One order was plenty enough for my boy and I - probably enough for a family of four.

The fried eggplant was rather spicy. I was trying to convince my boy that it was kind of like french fries - but that was just too much of a stretch. Regardless of whether my picky child liked them, I loved them and will order them at any opportunity.

I told our waiter that I wanted a mildly spiced chicken or beef dish, and I ordered what he recommended. My boy loved this chicken (and I liked it too.) The texture was very nice; it could have had more flavor in my opinion, but it was a winner with my boy. He even decided that he liked the carrots and tired the peas without too many complaints. Amazing!

The three dishes that I ordered were way too much for my son and I. It was easily enough for a family of three - possibly even four.

Peter Chang
2503-E North Harrison Street,
May 27 2015
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"Lots of Hands on Fun"

My 4 year old had a great time here exploring all the under water creatures! We visited the aquarium with the purpose of seeing the the New Jelly Fish exhibit. The Jelly Fish are showcased throughout the aquarium.

As you enter the great hall you will be greeted by a giant whale floating in the sky. The walls turn into giant movie screens each hour. The aquarium has three main areas: a two story building and an exterior venue. Most of the hands on exhibits are outside. Here your child can touch many creatures from sea slugs to sharks.

The most interesting exhibit was the jelly fish touch area. This was located on the top right side of the building. My daughter waited through the line twice to touch the soft bouncy jelly fish. I highly recommend taking your little ones here. These jellies emit a low frequency that is unable to sting our skin which makes this exhibit a lesson in mind over matter!

We also enjoyed the outdoor area, the exhibits were manned by staff wading in the water, ready to help the kids get some hands on experience.

Try to park outside of the main parking area. If you can walk it might save you quite a bit.
Try to visit mid week or just after lunch, the field trip flood the floor at the opening.

*This review is based on a complimentary press visit. I received no other compensation and the business owner did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view. The opinions I express are entirely my own.

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way,
Long Beach,
California 90802
May 27 2015
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"Charming + Tasty!"

Sweet tooth fairy is just the cutest little place! Not to mention yummy! They have an array of cupcakes, cake bites, cookies, and more. I think they are a tad pricey, but when you go for your first time and let them know, they will always give you a free cake bite. You can also show them an advertisement on Yelp and get a free cake bite that way. If you've got a sweet tooth and you can appreciate a cute, fun environment, this place is for you!

Sweet Tooth Fairy
4331 E Baseline Rd,
Arizona 85234