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April 13 2014
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"Beach Heaven"

My husband's family has owned a house on Fripp Island resort for 30+ years and we have just started taking our own kids to this magical destination. What is wrong with us??  

We spent four nights/five days basking in the quiet community that is Fripp Island resort.  While we had three bedroom house, you can rent just about any size space you desire.   The huge benefit of renting a home while on vacation is the ease of "living" while you are away.  We traveled with another family which brought our crew to a total of 4 adults and 5 kids (ages 2-8).  But we never once worried about getting a table at a restaurant, being properly dressed or that our kids were bothering the other diners…because we ate at the house.   In addition, we had a washer and dryer that saved us loads of space in our bags.  

But let's talk Fripp!  This is a private island which in my mind screams Safety for the children!  We were comfortable with the older kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood or up and down the beach alone.  It gave them a sense of freedom while also giving the adults a certain peace of mind.  

Did I mention that this is a private island? Oh, yes - I did.  Well, you have no idea what privacy is like until you are here. Hoenstly, I don't know why it isn't flooded with celebrities.  The beach stretches for miles so the closest beach blanket is a hike.  At the height of spring break, we weren't bothered with a screaming child (except our own), a rogue ball (except the one from my son) or any other beach pollution that you might endure at the northern beaches.  It was amazing.  

We spent our days literally playing:  paddle board, riding bikes, digging holes, playing in the surf, watching for dolphins, shelling…and so much more.  At low tide, we all walked to the sand bar in search of new treasures.  We found sand dollars, starfish, crabs, jelly fish, many types of birds all to the sheer enjoyment of the kids and adults alike.  

While we never made it off the beach during the day, Fripp is filled with more activities like golf, tennis, deer watching, alligator watching, turtle hatching (in season).  In fact, there is so much to do here, we could come back year after year and not quite get to it all.  The only problem is, we never seem to get off the beach!

Review of the Day: April 19 2014
Fripp Island Resort
2119 Sea Island Parkway,
Saint Helena Island,
South Carolina 29920
April 14 2014
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"Greatest shell shop"

I remember loving this shop as a young girl, and then I took my boyfriend (now husband) to the shop to show him what I loved as a girl. This past week, we went together and it was just as we remembered it from 20 years before. It still is my favorite shop in Morro Bay.

It was fun to take our kids here because we had been searching together for shells on the beach. Now the beautiful shells were everywhere! My little girl took pictures of them all with my camera and she loved the "roses" made out of shells. They each picked out a shell from the "inexpensive bins" which offered lots of varieties for around $1 each.

It's a large story and fabulous to wander the aisles to see the collections. Most of the expensive pieces are behind glass but it is still wise to keep kids close so they don't break something you may have to pay for!

Review of the Day: April 18 2014
The Shell Shop
590 Embarcadero,
Morro Bay,
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December 23 2010
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"We won't do this again..."

This is a one time "must see/do" activity for us- unfortunately after my hubbie and I went- our boys couldn't wait to go dig for diamonds. I admit the fantasy is better than the reality- but, we made SURE the boys were aware of the reality. It's hot during Summer, even in Spring. If it rains they say you have better luck finding diamonds- it hailed on hubbie & I and all we got was wet. It's in a plowed field- if you look at any farm, stand in the middle of that with the sun blazing on you digging- that's what you are doing. A pick axe comes in handier than shovels. Sand buckets are as useful as paying for the rentals- because in the heat you tire from carrying dirt to sift. Don't expect to find much- while they post bits about finds & often folks do, in 2 trips sifting through mud, muck, hail & rain- all we found was that the little kids water park was a great escape for the boys! It would be useful if they used those shades you often see in the desert areas, to protect folks- but, instead you will be crowded up like cattle at the trough panning through your dirt to fish out rocks of all sorts. Interesting- but, short lived.

Review of the Day: April 17 2014
Crater of Diamonds State Park
209 State Park Road,
Arkansas 71958
April 16 2014
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Dudes, I cannot believe I am the first one to write a review, let alone the first person to CREATE THE LISTING. People! This is a hidden gem! A priceless treasure! A place of peace and respite and value beyond measure!

Okay, so should you be so unwise as to attempt a road trip across Eastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle and into Montana like the foolish Cheung family, you need to know about this place. The mall is right past Spokane proper and right along the freeway. Get off the road. Park. Find Zone E (the upper level near Macy's) and discover a child paradise where your kids can go wild for an hour (or two!).

It's like an extra super duper glorified McDonald's PlayPlace, with the climbing structure and elevated tunnels. But they've also got playhouses and train tables, a television with bean bags, those arcade-style basketball tosses, and toys galore. There's a bathroom set up for small children and a changing table WITH SUPPLIES. My kids were super bummed when it was time to go, to the point where I had to explain that this mall is FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE and NO we can't come back tomorrow.

It's not cheap - $6 per kid per hour - but at that point we would have written over our savings. They do have an option, though, where if you stay (and play, ha ha) with your kid it's $3/kid/hour. Which is what we did. Because the playspace ALSO has a giant loungey couch, perfect for the adult who is exhausted from driving and listening to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat. AND if both parents are there they let you switch out - so one parent can wander around and go shopping for a bit, then come back and relieve the other parent.

I would really really like to campaign for them to open a second location in my nearby Seattle mall. It would be SO GREAT on a rainy afternoon! But no, it's in SPOKANE and maybe it's there so that the wretched boring drive contains a small bit of relief. NOW YOU KNOW, INTERNET!!!

Review of the Day: April 16 2014
Spokane Valley Mall Drop In And Play
14700 East Indiana Avenue ,
Washington 99216
April 10 2014
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"You should go to morning glory"

Morning glory is the best restaurant ever, says nine-year-old Tobias! He goes there every Friday for lunch, and it is very kid-friendly. "I like Morning Glory best best because of their perfect hash browns," Tobias says. Morning Glory serves breakfast and lunch in a very friendly location, with great wait staff. It's next to the Siskiyou School, making it perfect for students to go to!

Review of the Day: April 15 2014
Morning Glory
1149 Siskiyou Boulevard,