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January 23 2013
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"Super cool"

LOVE this park. The Mt. Vernon Trail runs through this park so you can take a walk along the river if you like but the real treat is watching the airplanes fly right over your head as they land (taking off is cool but landing is amazing). You can bring a picnic or a football and make it a day trip. For little kids, like babies, you may have trouble with the noise level of the planes so just be aware of that.

Review of the Day: August 29 2014
Gravelly Point Park
Gravelly Point Park,
George Washington Parkway,
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December 23 2010
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"The pool where old school rules still apply!"

The Glenwood Hot Springs pool has two tube slides, the old slide is now ridden on inner tubes - single or double style. The best part is there is no age or size limit as long as the kids ride with a grown up. After our adventures on the snow tubing hills and my two year old being devastated because he was too small, at the Glenwood pool he was in heaven! He rode the slide 30 times (nope, that was not a typo).  

The second slide is ridden "naked" (without a tube) and is a very fast moving slide with a 36" height restriction and everyone rides by themselves. My four year old decided she wanted to try this slide and down she went. She rode this slide twice and was done. The second time down I tried the "fast" slide as well - it was a blast. Lucky for my daughter she went first, otherwise I think my parental instinct would have kicked in.

Now aside from no height restrictions on the "green" slide, or swim tests for that matter, why do I say this pool follows old school rules? Drum roll please - they still let you bring in float toys. I'm not just talking noodles and water wings but rafts, alligators, whales, rings, you name it, they probably will allow it. I can't think of any public pools that still allow float toys except for this one! They also still let parents toss kids into the air, bring in coolers and picnic lunches, and have a good time at a pool like I remember when I was a kid. In fact, I have been going to the Glenwood Springs Pool since I was a really little kid and I think the only thing that has changed, was, well - not much - and that is fantastic!

Quick side note, don't forget to take goggles for everyone (especially the little guys). Even if the kids' don't put their faces in the water, just getting splashed by the mineral water stings the eyes.

The hot springs pool is on the pricey side, and the slide passes are not cheap however, for the occasional special trip, the cost is completely worth it.

Review of the Day: August 28 2014
Glenwood Hot Springs
401 N River St,
Glenwood Springs,
Colorado 81601
December 23 2010
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We went on a day specifically for school children.  The historic time period covered was the 1700's through 1800.  There were people dressed to represent French fur traders, Native Americans and early Minnesota settlers.  We got to go in a dugout, a sod house and a log cabin.  We are looking forward to our visit this year, the time period will be 1850.  There were clean bathrooms, a gift shop and some beautiful photography in the welcome center.      

Review of the Day: August 24 2014
7367 360th Ave,
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August 24 2014
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"Indian Rocks Beach ROCKS!"

I absolutely love Indian Rocks Beach. Although I have never counted it to be sure, it seems like there is a public beach access every couple of blocks. A public beach parking lot is available near 20th Street across the famous Guppy's.

So why do I love this beach so much?

1) You are greeted by pristine white sand at every access point without walking far. There is not one bad spot at any point on Indian Rocks and you basically walk right onto the beach from the parking lot.  Wooden boardwalks stretch from the parking lots to make the walk easier.

2) Indian Rocks Beach is untouched. It's obvious that the city of Indian Rocks Beach has worked very hard to maintain a quiet, beach town, island living atmosphere as opposed to many of the other beach cities along Gulf Blvd.

3) It's not Clearwater Beach. Sometimes I want to experience the beach away from the tourists but I want the beautiful Clearwater Beach experience. Indian Rocks offers all the beauty of Clearwater Beach without all the hustle and bustle from the crowds.

4)Indian Rocks Beach offers some of the most beautiful sunsets.  For a dinner and a show, eat at Guppy's and then walk across the street for a spectacular sunset.

Hotels are limited but there are many vacation rentals in Indian Rocks Beach.  It's the perfect day trip from Tampa.

Review of the Day: August 23 2014
Indian Rocks Beach
1700 Gulf Blvd,
Indian Rocks Beach,
Florida 33785
August 10 2014
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"One Of The Best."

Seven Points Marina is the largest full-service marina in the state of Pennsylvania. In 2010, they won the Large Marina of the Year Award, making them one of the very best in the nation.

Seven Points was founded in 1946 by James Filson, and to this day, his family continues to work to make this marina excellent. Since it's beginnings, it has always had a waiting list, and boaters are like family to each other here.

According to their website, Seven Points Marina has 661 docks that are rented seasonally, 20 transient docks and 265 rack or dry storage docks. In addition, there are 19 houseboats, 9 pontoons and six utility boats that are for rent daily. A restaurant and a store are also on the property as well as the largest breakwater on the lake. This 500 foot breakwater is home to many private houseboats and helps protect the rest of the marina from rough water.

I have visited the marina several times and have always found it to be clean and staffed with knowledgeable and friendly people. They can advise you on boat rentals, safety, questions regarding the lake and surrounding area, book a special event on one of their boats, or help you get tickets to The Princess, a 75-foot touring boat. The Princess offers public sightseeing cruises that familiarize you with the lake and it's history. Catch one daily at 1:30pm for about $15/adults, and $7.50/kids 4-12. I found the cruise to be very relaxing and interesting, although my kids were a bit bored after awhile. It's hard for kiddos to sit still, so if yours are rambunctious or would not slow down and sit on the boat, this may not be the activity for you. All ages are certainly welcome, but I found the older kids and adults seemed to like and appreciate this activity the most.

One of the highlights for everyone at the marina is the carp at the dock. This is seriously a sight to see! Since they know they get fed, the carp gather here, and there are literally hundreds of them swimming and opening their big mouths for food. It's unreal. If you come here and do nothing else, see the carp and feed them their special food (available at the Oar House store. The kids especially will love this activity!

No matter what your boating or watercraft needs, Seven Points can help you or try to point you in the right direction. The area is clean and attractive, and one of the highlights of the Raystown Lake region. Worth a visit for sure!

*Disclosure: My family was provided tickets to the Princess sightseeing cruise, and participated in the Tuesday free try-it kayak rental in order to experience the marina and facilitate this review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Review of the Day: August 22 2014
Seven Points Marina
5922 Seven Points Marina Drive,
Seven Points Recreation Area - Lake Raystown,
Pennsylvania 16647