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March 28 2011
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"More than you think!"

I have lived in the Columbia Basin area for my entire life.  You MUST visit this dam, and the laser light show is a MUST for everyone!  It is hard to explain, but their website says:  

"An unforgettable experience! The Columbia River tells you it’s story through this narrated production of brilliant lasers that dance across the largest screen on the world – the face of Grand Coulee Dam! Learn about the building of the dam and enjoy the entertainment sections - with a patriotic finale, great for all ages!"

"The greater Grand Coulee Dam Area is surrounded by natural beauty found nowhere else - from the incredible lakes and mighty Columbia River to the geological wonders of the stunning coulee walls. Add to that the engineering feat that is the Grand Coulee Dam, and there is already a full day's worth of activity to take in. We have taken the time to put together a short list of some of the area's best attractions - or "Must See" things we feel will make your visit to the Grand Coulee Dam Area as great as it can be!"

My kids really liked the laser light show they show each plays across the entire dam, and the water spills out the dam and the lights play across that.  My children were intrigued and mesmerized.  Wonderful family activity!

Review of the Day: August 29 2015
Grand Coulee Dam
PO Box 760,
Grand Coulee,
Washington 99133
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January 10 2011
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"SO FUN!!!"

Ok, so Dinosaur valley is one of my favorite places to go with our family!! There is so much to do there!!! You could go on a family hike, or swim in the blue hole (which is beautiful and clean!) or see dinosaur footprints!! Bring a picnic lunch, your bathing suit and some hiking shoes and be prepared for a wonderful exciting day!!!

Review of the Day: August 28 2015
Dinosaur Valley State Park
1629 Park Road 59,
Glen Rose,
Texas 76043
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January 27 2013
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"Incredible Museum of Natural History"

Wow! Now this is an amazing place! Housed in a brand new, state of the art facility, this place will blow your socks off!  My sisters and I took 11 children ages 2-11 on a day when there was free admission and it was so worth it!

There is so much to learn and see, you may not get to it all in one afternoon, but everything from the Salt Lake exhibit to the giant dinosaur fossils was amazing!  There is a combination of hand-on and visual learning here, so it's a good mix for all ages.  The older the child, the more they will enjoy this place.  Toddlers still had fun though!

The cafe was quite good and not overpriced.  We were very happy with their child-friendly options.  I spent about $20 for lunch for 4 of us.  Bathrooms were nice and clean.

Don't miss going out on the roof to see the whole valley!  Very beautiful view!  Kids favorites were the dinosaurs, the water room where they got a little soaked and the glass floor!  They also loved the display where they flooded the valley with water.

Top notch! Some really neat stuff! So glad it's here in Utah!

Review of the Day: August 27 2015
Natural History Museum of Utah
301 Wakara Way,
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84108
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August 27 2015
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"Nice, mid-scale hotel"

We only stayed one night on the way to the beach, but I thought this was a really nice hotel. The room was clean and quite bigger for having two beds. The entire room was updated in a modern way. The beds were comfortable. I found the continual breakfast to be better then other hotels, but still missing a few things. They didn't have any milk, which with a toddler and cereal offered is a huge problem. The egg sandwich offered was really good, my husband enjoyed the waffle, and my two year was happy with it as well. I would suggest offering orange juice and having milk and/or milk alternatives to your breakfast. The biggest problem I had with the whole stay was the wi-fi. For paying as much as we did for this room, they really need to improve the wi-fi. This was a nice stay for a night and I would think about staying here again if the price was cheaper.

Review of the Day: August 25 2015
755 Upward Road,
Flat Rock, North Carolina
August 23 2015
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"Worth the Stairs"

Yes, it is a steep climb as the other reviews have stated. Yes, you'll want to keep an eye on kids, really watch preschoolers, and keep toddlers in baby carriers. Yes, it is worth it!

The 400 stairs up and down do go quickly. There's so much expectation of how great the views will be around each bend as the panorama views get wider and wider as you climb.

I was actually surprised by the level of safety. We visited during a summer mid-morning, mid-week. The parking lot was crowded, so we weren't the only ones on the trail at all. However, guardrails or stone walls were on both sides of the trail all the way up. There were plenty of spots to slide by the hikers going in the opposite direction. And, the guardrails at the top gave a wide berth to the cliff. I felt safe with my 6-year-old and large group of families with kids 8 and under.

Parking-Like most popular attractions in Sequoia Kings Canyon, arrive as early as possible in peak months to avoid crowds. We chose to do this hike on our first day mid-week knowing that it would get more challenging as the weekend approached.

Bathrooms-There were restrooms located at the bottom of the hike near the parking lot, and a few benches were set up in the shade.

Review of the Day: August 24 2015
Moro Rock
Sequoia National Park,
Sequoia National Park,
California 93262