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updated at July 23 2014


"Places to volunteer as a family in Seattle"

Is your family interested in helping out those in need? Here are some places that are kid-friendly!

1. Food Lifeline
2. United Way of King County
3. Northwest Harvest
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updated at July 23 2014


"Boston Beyond History. Both Fun and Educational"

As the major educational hub in the United States, Boston has a ton of museums and attractions that are both fun, engaging and educational for children. Here's my top picks.

1. Museum of Science
2. Boston Children’s Museum
3. Harvard Museum of Natural History
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updated at July 23 2014


"Places to Volunteer as a Family in Connecticut"

Teaching kids about volunteering and actually have them do it is a snap at one of these spots. Make sure you call before you pop in so they are prepared for you.

1. Homes For the Brave
2. Best Buddies Connecticut
3. Family and Childrens Agency
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updated at July 22 2014


"Kid-friendly happy hours in Seattle, WA"

Back before we had kids, my husband and I loved visiting restaurants for happy hour. It was always a good way to try new places and eat some great food without spending a fortune. Now that we have two little ones in tow, we still love to go out for happy hour-and here are some of the places that are kid-friendly!

1. Pecado Bueno
2. Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria - Stone Way
3. Eureka!
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updated at July 19 2014


"Places to Enjoy Children's Theater in the DC Metro Area"

Moving from California to the DC Metro area, I have been pleasantly surprised to find so many children's theater options there are for us to experience here. Here's a list of our favorite children's performances from the summer of 2014.

1. Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
2. Adventure Theatre
3. the Puppet Co.
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