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Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

16501 W. Northern Ave, Surprise, Arizona 85340 | (623) 935-9453
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4 Reviews
Type: Animals and Outdoor Adventures
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, daily. Aquarium open until 10pm.

The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium is home to over 600 species of animals in the zoo a sundress of fish, invertebrates, and reptiles in the aquarium. Experience rides including trains, carousels, and roller coaster. Participate in animal encounters including animal feeding, touch tanks, and shows.

Special evening discount prices for the aquarium.

4 Reviews for Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

February 25 2016
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"So much more than a zoo! Plan on spending a full day here."

Our first visit to Wildlife World Zoo will not be our last. We spent a full day exploring the zoo and aquarium. My family of 7 (kids ages 1-10) loved the animals, atmosphere, and rides.  

WWZ’s collection of animals includes species from around the globe, but specializes in animals from Africa and South America. What is great about this zoo is all of the animals are easy to see.  They seem to be used to humans and will come right up to the edge of their enclosure. While observing the American Bison, all three came right up to us from the back of their corral to say hello. The White Rhino was also playing in his mud wallow close enough to us that we were scared of getting splashed.  All of the enclosures are arranged in such a way that the animals inside can be viewed no matter where they are hanging out. The grounds are easy to walk and push a stroller through, mostly flat. It seemed like there was plenty of shade. There are also clean bathrooms and drinking fountains located throughout the grounds. Make sure to stop by the Baby Animal Nursey to see the new additions. We were able to see two lion cubs being bottle fed.

The aquarium section is much smaller than the zoo but just as amazing. There are touch tanks, sharks, sea lions, and best of all PENGUINS! We stayed and watched those penguins chase each other through the water for quite a while. All of the creatures here were fun to watch because they are right on the other side of the glass. You can really get a feel for how huge and remarkable some of the sea creatures are. All of the exhibits (except Sea Lions) are inside air-conditioned buildings. Each building has plenty of walking space for people and strollers, though I did choose to leave my stroller outside after the first building since the 1-year-old wanted to run around anyway.

The best part of this zoo is the amazing animals encounters included with admission. We LOVED feeding the Lory Parrots (see pictures). There are pellets available to feed the giraffes (you’ll need quarters to buy the feed) but they were just far enough away that the younger kids couldn’t reach. Our 10-year-old was able to toss pellets onto the giraffe’s tongue and my husband and I could reach just fine. Even the kids who couldn’t actually feed them still liked watching the giraffe’s tongues reaching out. If you’re little ones want a chance to feed animals, you can head over to the petting zoo. My family also spent quite a while petting the sting rays. Like the other animals, these guys come right up the sides of the tank. Even my three-year-old had a blast petting these guys, although he did need a little boost. Make sure to check the schedule for show times to catch the Wildlife Encounters and Sea Lion shows.

With the new addition of Adventure Land, there are now 10 rides at Wildlife World Zoo. The rides are not included with admission and range in price from $2/person (Australian Boat Ride) to $15/person (zipline). While all the rides were great, if you are looking for a unique experience, I would recommend the Safari Train. In addition to being a train ride, which the kids will love, you also get up close with some Safari animals. You are able to see the ostrich, antelope, and more without being blocked by cages. And the conductor did a wonderful job narrating the train tour and teaching us about the animals we were seeing.  The Safari Tram was pretty similar, without the luxury of being a train. The Australian Boat ride was nice because of the narration and also the low price, but you don’t get a unique view of any of the animals. For a unique view, I would recommend the Skyride or Zip Line, depending on your thrill seeking level.

There are a few snack bar type places to eat nicely spaced around the park. Prices are what you would expect to play for amusement park concessions. We had a small lunch at the Safari Grill and paid $9 for a basket with 3 chicken fingers and fries. If you are planning on a real meal, head over to Dillon’s BBQ through the predator exhibit in the aquarium. The prices are average for a BBQ restaurant (kids meals without drinks around $5) and the food is delicious. There is the added bonus of flamingos on the patio and shark tanks surrounding the dining room.

In my opinion, admission is a little on the high-priced side ($37/adult, $16/kid) but it is worth it when you consider what you get. You are paying for a zoo AND aquarium, as well as unique experiences and shows. There are usually discounts available as well if you look for them.

Bottom-line: Wildlife World Zoo is a great place for families to get up close to amazing animals. This zoo is actually my favorite out of all the Phoenix area choices. I would recommend this zoo to everyone, any age.

Disclosure: My family was hosted at Wildlife World Zoo for the purpose of review. I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed are completely my own.

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March 17 2012
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"Great zoo!"

Spacious. Lots of rides. Lots to do! Feed a Giraffe. Feed a Stingray. Ride a carousel then watch the Penguins get fed. Take a train ride then head to the playground. We spend on average 6 hours here and still dont want to leave. The animals are always awake and so easy to view. The staff is super friendly and interact with the kids.

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January 10 2011
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"Great Time at the Zoo"

This is an awesome zoo. It blows the Phoenix Zoo out of the water. The animals are so much easier to access, and the new aquarium is great. There are 3 different aquarium building to explore, and a water/log ride that travels right though one of the buildings. There are a couple different places to eat, but the aquarium restaurant with the shark tank is nice. A bit pricy for a lunch/zoo atmosphere, but might be a neat date idea. All around a great time for kids & families.

December 23 2010
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"Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium"

This zoo is pricey for a family but has a more up close experience than typical zoos. The enclosures are more accesible fence like enclosures...This is as close up to as a tiger as we have ever been. The zoo also has a feeding platform from wich you can purchase and feed the Giraffes so bring lots of quarters as this is such a cool experience! The aquarium is nothing to write about but having been to aquariums across the counrty perhaps we have bee spoiled. There is a nice restorant in the aquarium. This zoo does not have paved walkways so it is very dry and dusty.They have fun activities for the kids like a train ride, flume, and merry go round which cost extra. The aquarium has reduced admission in evening hours.

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