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Treetop Adventure Park at Granlibakken Resort

725 Granlibakken Road, Tahoe City, California 96145 | 530.386.1375
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2 Reviews
Type: Sports, Nature & Gardens, and Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: Ages 5 — adult
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: Two Sessions Daily: 11:00am-1:30pm and 1:00-3:30pm

$45, ages 13+ (per session)  
$28, ages 4-12 (per session)  

2 Reviews for Treetop Adventure Park at Granlibakken Resort

October 21 2014
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"High Flying Adventure "

Located Granlibakken Resort near Lake Tahoe’s North Shore,  the Treetop Adventure Park is filled with opportunities to challenge yourself, bond with your kids, face fears together and leave walking taller and ready to take on the world.

As a whole, the park has 65 tree platforms connected by a variety of bridges and/or zip lines.  It is split into two zones:

The Flying Squirrel zone consists of 3 difference courses geared for beginners and kids age 5+. My kids and I did this area of the park.  It is a great place to start, especially if this is your first experience with an aerial adventure.  You'll notice that the rating system of the Flying Squirrels courses is similar to that of local ski areas.

Green Course  is easiest and includes 8 different events approximately 8 – 10 ft. off the ground.  These include ropes bridges and stairs --- where my kids thought my constant affinity getting my feet tangled up in the ropes criss crossing the stairs was hilarious!  There was also a suspended tunnel to get through and collection of swinging stepping points I never found a way to appear graceful as I moved across them.

Blue Course – is intermediate and includes another 8 different events that are are a step up in difficulty from  the green. This course has two of the course zip lines on it!  This is the introductory course to zip lining!  In fact, I was witness to a beautiful moment where a young dad helping his daughter face a fear of heights on this course getting her to zip line across from one tree to another.

Black Course – is the Advanced course, staff members told us that this course  is for the most adventurous of kids and beginning adults. It is similar to a Canopy Tour with 3 different zip lines and two bridges with most tree platforms and bridges over 40 feet in the air. The zip lines total almost 1000’ in length.  I never made it up there but my daughter jumped from a trail run on the green course straight up to the black!  

This brings up one of the many things I liked about the Squirrel.  We utilized the three levels during out entire 2.5 hour visit --- my daughter on the black most of the time, my son most comfortable on the blue, and I, well I never graduated from the green course. Despite this,  I could see my kids the entire time. At several points I stopped for a break and could easily spot my kids on the course.  I could revel in their feats and enjoy their smiles while watching them take flight.  It was great!

The Monkey Course is where the patriarch of family tested himself. My husband is a triathlete, meaning he's an endurance athlete.  Geared toward older kids and adults, participants must be able to reach his/her hand to 5′ 6″.

The different levels of the Monkey include:
Fuzzy Bunny – Think of it as the transition from the easier Green & Blue Flying Squirrel courses. It consists of eight different bridges including a zip line finish.

Bike Ride – is an intermediate course with the most fun and exciting events to be found in an Aerial Adventure park.

Twins – is the Canopy Tour course in this Zone. Among the events in this course --- four zip lines totaling over 500’ and a 120’ suspension bridge between “The Twins”, two gorgeous twin Cedars estimated to be 500+ years old.

Spiral – starts with a zip line and finishes with a zip line. Designed to be interactive and within view of other participants, the spiral course is great with friends and family.

Windchimes – is the advanced course for those looking for the most challenging bridges and events. Comprised of 9 different events including two 100’ zip lines and a 300’ zip line, this course should challenge even the most adventurous.

Things to know before you go:
- Your experience lasts 2.5 hours
- Participants can be as young as 5 years old
- Wear closed two shoes
- Dress in layers --- depending on the time of year, it could be chilly in the trees when you first arrive then get warmer as you make your way through the course.  Wear a sweatshirt that is easy to shed.
_All participants are outfitted in helmets and climbing harnesses that are connected to a belay system which makes it impossible to completely disconnect from the safety cable.
- Water is available on site but if you have an issue with a shared water source, bring hydration with you!
- Course is open year round

The Staff
The staff at this park is warm and friendly and great with kids!  I watched them allay fears and encourage kids on ---- even harness up and venture high up into the course to do so.  Many of them are kids ski instructors as well as and they do a great job carrying that experience of teaching and relating to children over to their work at the adventure park.

Disclosure: Thank you to the Treetop Adventure Park for hosting me to facilitate this review. My reviews are always my own opinions and are not influenced by staff or its affiliates.

March 04 2013
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"An All-Ages Playground"

Recently at Granlibakken Resort, my eldest son and I enjoyed the opportunity to experience the resort’s newly built Treetop Adventure Park. It was a unique that was not only fun and invigorating, but also extremely challenging.

After harnessing up and receiving a quick orientation, we were soon high off the ground, safely tethered to the trees with fancy mountaineering gear. The easiest way to describe the course is American Gladiator meets Ewok village. The American Gladiator reference is not a mistake. The course is graded from relatively gentle areas appropriate for elementary-aged kids to outright scary elements 50 feet in the treetops. Even the very first wobbly staircase on the blue square course is more nerve-wracking than anything in your neighborhood playground.

The guides who monitored our progress from the ground nonchalantly encouraged us through all of the tricky spots. Their gentle pushing got my son through obstacles that made even me nervous. On the Monkey Course, which is geared more towards adults and older kids, my guide eased me through some seemingly death-defying stuff including riding a bicycle across a tightrope 20 feet in the air. No joke.

My son made it all the way to the first zipline on the lower course. He had somewhat understandable fear of hurtling through the air on a wire. Despite a bit more gentle nudging from our guide to do the zipline he opted out and decided to do the course backwards to get down. I was very proud of him that day. Unless you or your child has an irreversible fear of heights, the Treetop Adventure Park will be an unforgettable day of family bonding.

I will definitely be returning. My youngest son, who hadn’t met the 5-year minimum age requirement, will eat up the course once he’s old enough. When we return, I’d like to see my older son conquer the zipline. I’m sure after he does it once, I won’t be able to pry him off of it. And, I want to return to conquer the Monkey Course. Although the elements I did that day were some of the physically trickiest, scariest things I’ve ever done, I apparently was on the relatively easy part of the course! The Treetop Adventure Park is one of many kid-friendly attractions which make Granlibakken Resort a superb winter destination for families.

Treetop Adventure Park at the Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center provided my family with complimentary access to the course for this review. They did not request that I express any particular point of view and my reviews always reflect my honest opinions.

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