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The Grove L.A.

189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, California 90036 | 323-900-8080
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13 Reviews
Type: Interesting Neighborhoods, Seasonal Events, Stores, and Seasonal Events
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free
Hours of operation: Mon-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri/Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am-8pm

The Grove in LA is fun for the entire family. Fun includes shopping at the American Girl, eating at delicious restaurants, watching the dancing water  fountains, enjoying a free live concert in The Park, and tasting the bounties at the historic Farmers Market. Fun for the whole family.

13 Reviews for The Grove L.A.

June 06 2016
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"Great Mall - Small but Unique"

The Grove is a great place to stop in Los Angeles. Families will enjoy the unique stores, great dining, and fun attractions. Take a ride on the trolley that goes down the main street of the mall, kids will get a kick out the novelty of the short ride. Stop by the American Girl's Place and have a great meal with your own American Girl or check out the Pacific Theaters for a family friendly movie. While at the Grove cross over to the Farmer's market and take in some of the great places in the Farmer's Market.

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January 14 2016
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"Great Nursing Lounge & Changing Area!"

5 stars alone for the beautiful nursing lounge and changing area by the entrance. Holy wipes warmer Batman! This set up is so swanky, and way nicer than what I've got going on at home (where my son's tushy only gets cold wipes, not like the luxurious warm wipes at the Grove changing area). There's a sink and complimentary diapers, along with a microwave and bottle warmer. A bottle warmer!

And then when you, the adult, goes to the restroom next to it, you feel like you're at the fanciest hotel. But you're not, you're at an outdoor mall.

There's also a family area with a big chalkboard, games, and tvs. Oh, and separate, curtained nursing rooms.

The rest of the actual Grove is really nice too. Beautiful fountain, great big Barnes and Noble (with a great kid area that includes a stage and story times), and a huge Farmers Market with every food you can imagine.

During the holidays, this place gets decked out, so definitely check it out if you're in town around Christmas.

Did I mention the wipes warmer?

March 17 2014
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"Beautiful but not huge"

The Grove was a beautiful place to walk around and do a bit of shopping before we had dinner at Planet Dailies (which was delicious.) I was surprised at how small it seemed to me... probably because I am spoiled in going to the huge Irvine Spectrum near our house. But it was beautiful with the nice fountain, great shops, and good walkway. The trolley wasn't running, probably due to the rain.

We were especially impressed with the huge Barnes and Noble Bookstore. It reminded us of B&Ns when they were first built. 3 stories and tons of books, toys, and gadgets for kids. We spent a lot of time in that section with the kids and they really enjoyed it.

June 22 2013
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"Busy outdoor mall with lots of special events."

I visited The Grove shopping center with my teenage daughter.  So many people told me that it was a "must" to do in L.A., and what teenage girl doesn't like shopping?!?!

The Good:  I love that their special events calendar is jam-packed with activities.  There weren't any going on while we were there (well, other than a L'Oreal samples booth), but just a few days prior, judges from The Voice were scheduled to appear.  We watched the fountain for a while (which I loved), but the teenager quickly got bored and wanted to move on.  Employees from the Jamba Juice hut were SO NICE!  The movie theater also looked very large from the outside.

The Bad: The Nordstrom store was under construction when I visited (like, completely being gutted out) and I wish that there were a few unique stores at The Grove.  Most of the stores you'll find at The Grove can be found at any other mall in America.

Overall:  We didn't spend too much time at The Grove.  Parking was jam-packed, but the views from the upper levels of the parking garage were stunning.  A trolley also ran through the mall, but we didn't ride.

January 31 2013
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"A Little Something for Everyone"

As so many who have come before me to describe The Grove, the American Girl Store is what sucked us in! I had visited the old Farmer's Market in the past (my grandmother had even worked there in the 1930-40's), but our first trip to the "new" part of the complex was thanks to AG. The Grove is actually a lot of fun for everyone in the family - in addition to AG, they have a nice, big Apple Store for your Apple geeks, a great Anthropologie for mom, and great restaurants for all. We ate outside on the patio of Morels French Steakhouse. Fabulous food and even better people-watching. Get the Croque Madame with sunny side up egg. You'll feel very Parisian!

November 04 2011
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"An Outing"

We didn't see very much of the Grove as The American Girl Doll Place is the first store you see if you come in on Gilmore Lane.  We spent the better part of the afternoon shopping there! However we did surface and had a nice outdoor lunch at Marmalade directly across the street.  We spied the free Grove Trolley that goes along First Street between The Grove and Farmer's Market but didn't hop on.  There are so many great shops here you could window shop (or shop for real) for hours.  The outdoor plaza atmosphere is really nice.  There is a Kids Club with regular events so it pays to check the web site before you go.

February 04 2012
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"One of my Favorite outdoor Malls!"

This is a way to spend an afternoon.  We usually grab breakfast or lunch at the Farmers Market, which is connected and a permanent Farmers Market with fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. (see review)  Then do a little shopping or catch a movie.  It also has a beautiful grass area that is enjoyable to relax and listen to the bands that often play.

The stores are wonderful.  They have stuff for adults and children.  

Also check out these kids club weekly events.

Kids Club: Twinkle Time
Twinkle and her colorful cast of friends will teach children valuable lessons to catchy tunes. 11am-1pm

Kids Club in The Park
Enjoy a terrific selection of enriching activities for kids, parents and caregivers. Join us for a weekly dose of fun, including music, entertainment and so much more! Thursdays, 11am - 1pm

Monday Morning Mommy Movies
Moms, Dads and caregivers – come see a first-run movie…with your baby! No one will mind if your baby cries! Mondays, 11am For more information,

Pottery Barn Kids: Book Club
Kids of all ages are invited to join Pottery Barn Kids for story time every Tuesday at 11am! Attendees receive an official Book Club passport at their first story time and a special gift after attending five story times.

The Groove is beautiful, especially during the holiday season, at night.  The amount of lights and decorations that they put up is spectacular.  It is a great way to spend the day in the sun or night under the stars!

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January 22 2011
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"Nice place to shop"

My sister loves to shop so of course when I visited her she had to take me here.  It wasn't necessarily for us to shop as much as it was her wanting me to at least go there and see The Grove.  I did like it, and I thought it was very nice and had a lot shops.  Its not huge but you will still get plenty of walking in for the day.  

January 12 2011
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"a place for everyone"

Usually the kids would moan and groan if they knew we were heading out to some shops. But here there is a trolley ride, concerts, a great water fountain/music display and good food. Not to mention “the American Girl Place” This can be a nice family leisurely day out.  I believe some place do validate for parking. And did I mention that the trolley ride is free. These outdoor malls are popping up at a lot of places. There is also “The Americana” in Glendale. I believe it’s the same company that is responsible for these new outdoor malls.
It is a nice, clean, outdoor mall with the chance for a celebrity sighting too…For locals it’ not a big deal. I’m just mentioning because if you’re an out of towner…that might be an interest.
Also around Christmas time they have certain times at night when they have the fake snowfall…It may sound silly, but us southern Californians don’t get to see the white stuff too often…even the fake variety. lol

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January 10 2011
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"Great atmosphere!"

While in L.A. we knew we needed to try some shopping at The Grove. The Grove has such a nice atmosphere about it, it just feels so perfect and right. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory first before heading down to do some shopping. The oldest loved the toy store there and had to basically be dragged out. It's a nice place to people watch while you eat outside on the patio. We also made a visit to the farmer's market where we shopped around a little and also bought some fresh produce for our hotel.

As others have said, the kids will love the trolley ride and ours was no different. They loved looking around at everything as we rode by in the trolley. Great day!

December 23 2010
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"Fun for everyone!"

We try to make it to the Grove especially when it's gonna be nice weather!  It is safe, clean, upscale shopping area that has something for everyone.  Huge Apple store for the tech-lovers, great clothing store for the shopper, and fabulous resturants for the hungry one!!  For the foodie, you have to try the Farmers Market.  Be sure to get some cash before you go in because the food stands only take cash.  The food is outstanding if you wish for an experience rather than wait for a table.  But don't get me wrong, it is very interesting to people watching from one of the outdoor seating areas at one of the many resturants.  The kids love riding on the trolley and playing near the fountain which also has a grassy knoll to relax on.  It if gets too warm outside, check out the very nice movie theater!!  Parking I think is a reasonable rate, especially when you can get your ticket validated at any of the stores.  Your children can enjoy playing at PotteryBarn Kids and for the young ladies there is an American Girl store/resturant too!!  It does get a bit crowded on the weekends, but the weekdays are great.  Check out their website to see upcoming events and concerts!  

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December 23 2010
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"The Grove & Farmer's Market L.A."

The Grove is a really clean and fancy outdoor shopping area. Our kids really enjoyed the free trolly ride as well as visiting the American Girl store. We peeked into the party/tea room which is a perfect space for a little girl's birthday party. We had dinner at the Farmer's Market next door. It is not your typical farmer's market with stands from local farms, rather, they have permanent shops and food stands. Outdoor tables and chairs make the area family friendly. We ate at a fish and chips stand which we didn't care for.

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December 23 2010
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"Free Trolley Ride and American Girl"

The two best parts about The Grove for my girls are the trolly and the American Girl Store. My husband loves the Apple Store. I love the window shopping and the Farmer's Market. There are plenty of restaurants, and even more food choices in the Farmer's Market, where the movie stars of bygone days would eat while filming at nearby studios. The parking structure provides plenty of covered parking, and while The Grove isn't huge, you can definitely spend quite a while walking the cobblestoned streets and shopping! Definitely a family favorite for shopping.

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