South Rim Mule Trips at the Grand Canyon

S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023 | (303) 297-2757
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Type: Guided Tours
Ages: Ages 10 — adult
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: Call for Reservation

If you feel like an adventure but an Overnight Mule ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is too much, take a ride from the Grand Canyon Village to the spectacular Abyss overlook.  You will pass through a Ponderosa Forest and a Piñon and Juniper woodland filled with abundant wildlife on your way to a magnificent cliff at the edge of the canyon.  While at the Abyss, riders will dismount their mules and stretch their legs while viewing the Grand Canyon for the first time on the ride.  Here they can take photos atop the 3,000 foot vertical drop and marvel at the beauty of the Grand Canyon's many colorful pinnacles, buttes and mesas.  Your total ride time includes 2 1/2 hours in the saddle and roughly 30 minutes at the Abyss overlook.  Bota bag, water and snacks are included. The 3 hour mule ride departs twice daily, through October, and once daily through mid March from the Historic Mule Barn just a short walk from the Bright Angel Lodge.  $117.40 including tax, per person. Includes a light snack, and water.  To make reservations please call our central reservations center at 1-888-29-PARKS (297-2757) or outside the US 1-303-297-2757.

Each 3 hour Abyss overlook rider must not weigh more than 225 lbs. (102k), fully dressed and, yes, we do weigh everyone! Remember that your clothing and gear may add at least 8 lbs. (2.6k) to your body weight.  
Each rider must be at least 4’7” (1.38m) in height, regardless of previous riding experience. Although there are no age restrictions, all riders must be at least 4’7” (1.38m) tall--measured at check-in time. A last minute disqualification is a terrible disappointment to a child so we urge you to measure carefully. Children 15 and younger must be accompained by an adult.

3 Reviews for South Rim Mule Trips at the Grand Canyon

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January 11 2011
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"Grand canyon is really grand"

Grand canyon is the best visiting spot and south rim mule trip is the most enjoyable.It really adds to the joyous trip.Its somewhat hot though.We have to wait for our kids to become older to enjoy this mule trip.Its scary for kids of younger age.We can enjoy the scenic beauty in person as such.There is no need of peeping through the bus windows.It is really a very much memorable place.We visited grand canyon as a part of las vegas tour.We enjoyed both equally.

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January 11 2011
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We went to Las Vegas and decided since we were so close to go to the Grand Canyon. We rented a van and drove to Arizona. I am so glad we did. WOW! What a beautiful sight! We drove through and every time we stopped was a new angle with a whole new sight. The pictures do not do this place justice. You must see this in person! We are planning a trip sometime soon to take our kids to see it. If you have the chance this is a must see!

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January 11 2011
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"Mule Trip at the Grand Canyon"

This has to be one of the best, most memorable activities we've ever done on a family vacation! I would definitely wait until your kids are a little older, maybe 12ish before attempting this, as it might be a little scary for younger kids. It really is very safe and the view and experience is unforgettable! You stay at Phantom Ranch when you reach the bottom (it's so hot down there!) and then travel back out of the Canyon the next day. If you have the opportunity to do this, don't let it pass you by!

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