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Rawhide Western Town & Steakhouse

5700 West North Loop Rd, Chandler, Arizona 85226 | 480-502-5600
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2 Reviews
Type: Interesting Neighborhoods, Stores, and Seasonal Events
Ages: Ages 6 — adult
Cost: $$
Hours of operation: Wed-Sun 5:30-9:00pm

Enjoy the town and all Rawhide has to offer from the world renowned Steakhouse & Saloon to our unique shops and a variety of attractions. We look forward to welcoming you to our 1880's western town full of fun, good eatin', great shopping, and a true taste of the old west you'll not find anywhere else in Arizona. Rawhide is the perfect place to visit whether you are local, from out of town, or out of the country. Bring your family and friends, or bring out of town guests to experience a taste of life in the old west! We know you'll be hankerin' to return time and again!

No pets allowed

2 Reviews for Rawhide Western Town & Steakhouse

April 07 2013
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"Yeehaw! Saddle up for fun!"

Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse, located near Sheraton's Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Chandler, is open seasonally as a themed amusement park. The premises include a steakhouse, a confection’s shop, a photo emporium, and a number of attractions.

Admission is free, but tickets are $5/attraction or $15 for an unlimited wristband (likely the most economical choice).

Our 2-year-old was particularly keen on the train ride, while our 5-year-old appreciated the challenge of panning for gold. Other attractions include burro rides, a stagecoach ride, a rock climbing wall, a petting zoo, and two live shows. It's not a huge venue so 2-3 hours should be an ample amount of time to allot for your visit.

If you come to Rawhide in the winter (a good choice, by the way), be sure to bring sweatshirts for after sundown since the town is mostly outdoors. If the weather is on the chilly side, you’ll be able to stop and warm yourself at a number of open fires on property. You can even buy a S’mores kit for $3 and roast marshmallows.

Also – don’t forget your camera as there are plenty of photo spots throughout the park! I also echo the previous reviewer who encouraged little ones to dress up in their favorite western attire and boots - they'll fit right in!

Rawhide is an especially excellent place to visit for east-coasters and/or people traveling from abroad, but everyone will appreciate experiencing the history of Arizona in living color.

April 19 2011
0 families found this helpful
"The noisier, the better"

We visited Rawhide Western Town on a pleasant night in April. Our kids are 5 and 9 and this was the perfect activity for their age range.  We arrived by boat from the Wild Horse Pass Resort -- which was a special treat in itself.  I saw families with kids of all ages.

Upon arriving at Rawhide, most visitors walk from the parking lot past a pioneer wagon and saguaro to the town’s entrance past a sign stating: “Visitors from over 90 countries cross over this covered bridge to visit Rawhide each year.”  The music hit us first: Rawhide by Frankie Laine.  A greeter met us and directed us to the Ticket Booth at the end of town and highlighted the shows for the evening.

What we saw before us was a Wild West Town right out of the movies. We heard claps of gunfire and saw cowboys shootin’ it out in the street. After the entertainment was over, the small team of Arizona Roughriders roamed the street and talked to kids about gun safety and life in the Old West.  Then they headed into the Six Gun Theater for a number of gun fight / stunt performances. Their stories are framed around a historic Old West figure, like Wild Bill Hickok, and bring them to life in a humorous, action-packed show. It was definitely the highlight of our visit. The audience was prompted to be interactive and say “Yee-haw!”  We didn’t have to shush the kids here!  There are three shows scheduled every night and each show is different.

I’d highly suggest letting your little ones dress up in Western attire. Lots of kids were in costume on our visit and they fit right in with the spirit of the place. When we go again, I’m thinking we’ll make very early dinner reservations at the Steakhouse - right when they open for the evening. We’ll start with food and move on to playing around town.  I think the best plan would be to order at the restaurant and then send one adult ahead to purchase attraction tickets while waiting for the food to arrive. The ticket booth is at the opposite end of the street and it’s where you can get a Town Pass (wristband) for the kids at $15 each. If you want to see multiple shows and/or take a stagecoach ride, the Town Pass makes sense for adults, too. Otherwise, individual attractions require a $5 Attraction Card.

The Town Pass wristband paid for our kids to enjoy: a burro ride, train ride, stagecoach ride, gold panning, a rock climbing wall, and mechanical bull.  It allowed for them to experience the rides multiple times.  There was a height requirement for some rides. We did plenty for free, too.  The highlights of free attractions are: walking around town, playing at the school house, visiting the Rawhide City Jail, and browsing the Western Museum.  We especially liked our talk with the blacksmith in his warm and inviting shop. I'd just caution those with toddlers about the fire pits scattered around the property at night. They are awesome for setting the mood, but just keep those little guys away.

After savoring some homemade fudge at Sweet Sally’s Confections, my son gave Rawhide Western Town the highest compliment a 9 year old can give: “I want to come back here for my birthday.”

This review is based on a complimentary visit to Rawhide. I received no other compensation and the business owner did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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