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Playtopia at Tumbleweed Park

745 E. Germann Rd., Chandler, Arizona
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3 Reviews
Type: Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

3 Reviews for Playtopia at Tumbleweed Park

June 02 2015
2 families found this helpful
"Barn Park"

My kids call Tumbleweed "The Barn Park" because the play structure looks like a farm.  The play structure is large with lots of slides and bridges.  More times than not it's very busy.  This is not a park you take your kids to and watch from the sidelines.  You can't see everything from one location so be prepared to walk around to keep an eye on them.  There is a cute little road that kids can run around on or ride bikes and pretend they are cars.  They have a few swings including a tire swing.  This last time we went the kids loved the zip lines.  Even the 2 year old could ride in the zip line that has a chair and the kids are buckled in.  This park seems to be more crowded in the mornings and weekends.  After lunch seems to be the best time to go.  

March 21 2012
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"well named, playtopia"

Playtopia.  A word spin-off of utopia?  Well named, city of Chandler!  This park is HUGE with fun themed areas and it's covered!  Once again, well done, city of Chandler!  I agree with the other reviewer that it is easy to lose your kids at this park.  It seems to be busier in the day time and less crowded in the evenings.

March 06 2012
2 families found this helpful
"Ride bikes, imagine, play"

My kids loved this park. There are a couple different play areas. My boys (3 and 1.5 yrs) liked the city area where there was a climb on fire engine and bus toy. It also has a "street" path around it where my 3-yr-old thought it was really cool to ride his bike.

The "farm" area is the biggest playground. It was lots of slides and bridges. That was really fun for the boys to run around on.

There were a lot of other kids there so you have to really keep track of your kids. It was good for my social 3-yr-old because it was easy for him to find friends to play with.

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