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Peralta Canyon Trail

Peralta Canyon, Apache Junction, Arizona
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1 Review
Type: Hiking & Walking
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

A beautiful, moderate level hike with great views of the canyon and a rewarding view of Weaver's Needle when you reach Fremont Saddle.

1 Review for Peralta Canyon Trail

April 15 2015
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"Moderate Hike, Lush for the Desert"

This hike was recommended to me by multiple people to take visiting relatives on. In our group were 5 adults, and older teen, and a baby in a backpack, but I did see kids on this trail (although none younger than 5 or 6). Although I consider myself active, I am not a "hiker," and this was my first real hike (as opposed to a walking trail) after 3 years in Arizona. I thought it was a great hike to start on and my husband (who is only slightly more fit that me) did great carrying the baby on his back.

There is plenty of parking and the trail is well maintained, although there are a couple spots across large rock faces where you have to look ahead to find which way the trail continues. We started around 7:45 AM in the spring and the first half of the trail was fairly well shaded by boulders and plants. Going back down was around 10:30 AM was less shaded but still decent for a desert trail. The second half of the trail is much more exposed to the sun. There are shady areas slightly off the trail which are great for stopping to rest in. Bring plenty of water, especially if hiking later in the day.

The hike up took us about 2 hours, including a baby feeding break and a couple stops to wait for stragglers. The view from the top is breathtaking. Don't forget your camera!! There were a couple kids with their parents near the top coming up as we were going down and I asked the youngest one's age. He was 6 and was able to do this hike just fine. On the other hand, we did see an older lady who didn't make it even half way and waited at her stopping point for her family to get back. There is a lot of climbing so I guess you need young knees. The hike down was much quicker, about 1 hour. We did go a little faster on the way down and didn't stop for breaks because we had preschoolers to pick up.

This is a great hike for older kids or kids with experience hiking. I would even recommend preschoolers on this trail if you don't care about making it to the top. It was easy to pack a baby on, too. There are lots of beautiful desert plants, cool lizards (and I heard there are frogs in November), and great views. I recommend this trail for a great desert hiking experience.

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