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Paradise Springs at Big Rock Creek

18101 Paradise Dr., Los Angeles, California 93563
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1 Review
Type: Nature & Gardens and Hiking & Walking
Ages: Ages 4 — adult
Cost: $$

1 Review for Paradise Springs at Big Rock Creek

July 28 2015
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"This is Nature"

Winding up the 15 right around Mountain High Ski resort area there's Big Rock Creek; a campers campground.  They have spaces for tents, with ample room to run around, they have cabins available and a most unique option; a tipi. This was completely foreign to my family and i so we went for it.  And like described its poles leaned against each other, lashed together with leather straps and covered with canvas and a blanket for a door thats just barely able to fit the hole it's supposed to cover.  I was thoroughly impressed with the authenticity here.  However there were a couple drawbacks.

it rained the morning of our first night there and lets just say, the hole left at the top of the structure isnt so good for holding back water.  The middle of our tipi was damp, leaving a musty smell on the indoor/outdoor carpeted concrete platform beneath.  The tipi was sizable (enough room for 2 queen mattresses and then some) so we pushed our air mattresses to either side and slept that way.

the second drawback is that there are little holes created by the canvas being secured to the floor.  This leaves some room for critters to invade.  A thing I thought wouldnt ever happen.  I WAS WRONG.  The first night my wife chased a lizard and a mouse out of the tipi.  The next morning I found an Arizona Rattlesnake sunning itself at the base of our tipi.  We called up management and they attempted to apprehend the snake to no avail.  It slithered back underneath the platform of our tipi.  We were assured we scared it enough to keep it under there for a couple days but my wife had heard enough.  She demanded our accommodations be switched, and they were.

Everyone was friendly, the sizable pool was cold, and the four stocked fish reservoirs were so full of fish you could almost call them out of the water and into your bucket.  There are tennis courts and a snack bar.  A SMALL store and nature all around.  Its quite nice to get away in a place like this.  However it feels like youre driving out to the middle of nowhere on your trip there.  Despite our encounters with the wildlife, I would go back for the peace and quiet alone, but stay in a tent or a cabin when I do.

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