Out of Africa Wildlife Park

3505 Camp Verde Bridgeport Highway , Camp Verde, Arizona | 928.567.2840
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3 Reviews
Type: Animals
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: 9:30-5:00pm

This wildlife park includes a tram tour, tiger show, and predator feeds. A variety of African animals live at Out of Africa, including many different types of big cats.

3 Reviews for Out of Africa Wildlife Park

April 07 2015
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"Unique Animal Encounters and Experiences "

Out of Africa provides unique experiences that any animal lover would enjoy. I visited this Wildlife Park with my family of 7 (kids ages 9 yrs to 9 months) in the spring and we had a great time.

Feed-A-Tiger: For only $5 visitors can use long tongs to feed a tiger 2 pieces of meat. My 6-year-old had told me he was too scared but after seeing how cool it was to feed these huge cats, he even tried it. It wasn’t scary at all because the tigers are calm and behind a chain link fence. We hadn’t bought a tiger feeding ticket for him but the employees allowed us to split a ticket between two kids (they each fed the tiger one piece of meat).

Giraffe Kisses: On the African Bush Safari (included with admission) each visitor is given a treat for the giraffes. The tour guide encouraged anyone who wanted a kiss to put the treat (leaves) between their lips. DO THIS! Being kissed/licked by a giraffe was a unique experience I will never forget. Be quick getting to the side of the vehicle where the giraffe is because if you are too slow you will miss your chance, like my kids did.

Predator Feed: Huge chunks of meat are thrown into lion, tiger, and hyena enclosures around 3 PM on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. At first we were a little disappointed because the huge crowds that surrounded the first enclosures made it hard to see. But as the food trucks moved on the crowds spread out we had a great view. The predators pace the perimeter of the cage with a low growl as they wait for the food. We were able to watch a tiger lick and carry off a giant hunk of meat and a lioness crunch through a horse’s leg. Maybe not for the squeamish but we loved it.

Tiger Splash: This is basically watching a tiger play like a kitten. A huge tiger chased and attacked giant inflatable toys. We enjoyed seeing how high the tiger could jump. The caretakers who help in the show are also great performers, getting the audience to laugh as they try to get the tiger to play. Don’t miss this show. It is really fun. And a bonus, the seating area is covered with a shade canopy.

Creature Feature & Giant Snake Show: These experiences were a little less entertaining but still pretty cool and unique. Visitors are able to get up close and pet giant snakes and rare animals. Although we all liked the touching part, my young boys (ages 2, 4, and 6) were distracted by the plastic playground nearby and didn’t want to stay to listen to the animal facts. I, on the other hand, found the information interesting. They do bring the animals all around the perimeter of the “critter court” so don’t worry about being on the bleacher style seats.

*Do take the tram (which is stroller friendly) up to the first stop. We thought we would miss something so we walked it the first time, but we didn’t see anything we couldn’t have seen from the tram. It is quite an uphill walk for small kids and there are many vehicles using the same road that we had to be on the lookout for. Do walk around at the top and back down the other side of the loop because there is more to see that you may miss from the tram (and it’s downhill so the kids don’t mind as much)

*Plan to be there for the whole day. The first show starts at 11:30 AM and our last experience ended at 4 PM. Do the African Bush Safari before the first show or you’ll have to miss something. We were also told the giraffes are most likely to eat the treats early in the morning before they get full.

*The park does not allow outside food but they do allow re-entry so you can pack a lunch and eat tailgate style at your car. They do sell food inside the park. A meal including a sandwich, chips, and drink was about $8.

*Bring plenty of water and wear sunscreen. There is shade around the show areas but none on the trails. Wear tennis shoes and bring a good stroller (an umbrella stroller would be a bad idea but we were fine with our non-jogger double stroller) since the paths are not paved.

*Look for coupons and promotions before you go. Out of Africa always has a coupon out in the local mailers. There is also a BOGO coupon in the current Entertainment book. Right now, if you visit the park during the month of your birthday, you can get free admission.

Out of Africa Park would make a great day trip from Flagstaff, Sedona, or Phoenix. The price is comparable to most major zoos and with a promotion or coupon you can get a great deal. The experiences are unique and enjoyable. I would recommend this activity for families with kids of any age.

This review is based on a complimentary visit to Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  I received no other compensation and these opinions are entirely my own.

November 12 2013
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"Kids LOVED it!"

This animal park was a little out of the way, but worth it. My kids got to feed tigers and pet an 18ft. snake...heaven for them! The safari tour was my favorite part, lots of interesting animals. The tiger show was another favorite- tigers perfrom in/out of a massive swimming pool. * a little pricey, but my kids loved every minute of it. Also, the staff was incredible! Cannot say enough good things about them! They love those animals and it shows. Amazing, friendly, caring staff.  

June 21 2013
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"Tiger show, predator feeds, and giraffe kisses"

My family visited Out of Africa during our Spring Break trip to Arizona and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I had family visit the park and rave about the opportunity to feed a tiger, which is what drew me to the park. I fell in love with the experience, mom and pop environment, and the employees’ genuine affection for the animals.

Out of Africa is a unique animal park situated about 25 minutes outside of Sedona, not far from Interstate 40. It’s location makes it a reasonable daytrip from Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff, and even Scottsdale/Phoenix. Expect to spend the bulk of the day here (from about 11-4). The park features a tram ride through the prey enclosures as well as several enclosures housing African predator animals (mainly cats).

Like most visitors, we started our day on the Safari Tour which is included with the admission price. We were given a carrot so that we could feed the giraffes which come right up to the tram. Feeding the giraffes was one of the highlights of the day. Per the driver’s instructions, I put the tip of the carrot in my mouth and the giraffe gentle grabbed it! So cool!!! My kids weren’t quite to brave but still tickled to hand the giraffe their carrots. Beside giraffes we saw zebras, various African antelope, camels, and one of the funniest ostriches around.

After the tram ride, we opted to the famous tiger show. A tram ride is offered because it is a bit of a hike, but the weather was nice and it was fun to see all the animals along the way. Large enclosures house bears, wolves, leopards, tigers, lions, and hyenas and the viewing platforms gave us a much better glimpse of the animals than the typical zoo usually does.

The tiger show was extremely impressive. Basically, there is a pool in the center of the arena and the trainers try to get the tigers to chase them as the run and jump into the water! Those are some brave (or crazy) trainers. They played with the tigers like they were giant puppy dogs. The cats seemed to be having a great time splashing with the trainers and while they could have easily torn them to shreds, they obviously choose not to because of the bond that they formed (and probably full bellies). The trainers also used windsocks like giant cat toys and it was hilarious to watch the cats chase the lures around. After the show, guests had the opportunity to line up and feed the cats a couple chunks of meat through the chain link fence for an extra fee ($5). We let the kids do it because really, who can resist the opportunity to feed a tiger?

After the tiger show, we watched the snake show which was definitely the highlight for my son. He got picked out of the crowd to help hold a giant boa constrictor. They picked people who had fears of snakes and slowly convinced them all that the giant snake slithering in front of them was not going to harm them. By the end, my son who practically jumped 15 feet when he got into the enclosure, was able to come face to slithering face with a smile instead of a scream. After the show, visitors were welcome to come up and pet the giant snake.

The final experience of the day was the Predator Feed. This is not to be missed to plan your trip on a Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday when the feeds take place. Basically, guest follow around the feed truck and watch the animals work themselves up into a frenzy as they await their turn to have a huge piece of meat hurled into their enclosure. Listening to the lions roar with excitement or the hyenas laugh with giddy anticipation was such a great experience. Plus all the animals were out and active which made for great viewing.

Bottom line: Definitely make time to visit Out of Africa. It may not have the botanical garden look that many zoos have but the unique experiences offered and large number of big cats make it a very special place for animal lovers to visit.

Disclosure: My family received complimentary admission in order to complete this unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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