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i jump kids adventure

157 Resource Center Parkway, Suite 109, Birmingham, Alabama 35242
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5 Reviews
Type: Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: All Ages
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5 Reviews for i jump kids adventure

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May 29 2013
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I went with my two boys. At first I did not want to join them playing. Once i gave in and started to play it was amazing. I understand why the kids love it now. After going to ijump, there is no other place that I would take my kids. Plus the staff is so helpful and sweet! Best Business!!!

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May 29 2013
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"No Place Else"

When we went to Ijump everyone was very friendly and so helpful! The staff went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect for us. My child wanted to do the rockwall but then got to scared, so they strapped themself and went up with her to show her it was okay! We booked are party there and we couldnt be more excited. Best experience by far. Much better and safer than airwalk!

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July 30 2012
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Where do I start? The establishment is "fake" clean. It is not well taken care of, and appears very dirty. The staff is rude, and not helpful. The inflatables are poorly kept, and torn in many places, it is very hard to see your kids inside of most of them. The giant slide they have is VERY slippery, my children kept falling over, along with the EMPLOYEE that was manning it. (What's wrong with that picture?) Go karts are not fun for the whole family, and the one party I have been to was HORRIBLE. The parents were miserable the whole time, and the kids didn't even get to play after the party was over! I DO NOT recommend it at all!

December 23 2010
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"The Worst Birthday Party Ever!"

We had our 6 year olds party here and it was a nightmare! We had 28 kids and they stuck us in a small room packed like sardines! The big room only had 5 kids and 10 adults. We paid $400 for this big party and our hostess was never around, I had to do everything myself, their was no one at the Birthday checkin so kids waited 20 minutes to play. They are only allocated so much time anyway! I went to meet with the Manager on Monday morning and all he did is defend his lazy staff said well all can do is give you a $20 gift card as he pretty much said I was lying about how bad it was! I told him to keep his slap in the face gift card and that I wanted to talk to the owner. He gave me their name but never would give me a contact #. Word of advice, don't have a party here, EVER! Go to Pump It Up. At least they are friendly and can host a good party! STAY CLEAR FROM IJUMP!!!

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December 23 2010
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"Lots of energy required"

Fun place that is like Chuck E. Cheese with inflatables and go karts too.
Also a climbing wall that is safe for kids.  Just a more modern approach to inflatables.
Insurance for fun.
Any age above walking it could be fun for.
Facility is clean
Easy to find.  Food and snacks.  Great party place.

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