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Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum

755 Bolling Brothers Blvd., Mobile, Alabama 36606 | 251-479-2327
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Type: Museums & Monuments and Sports
Ages: All Ages
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Hank Aaron Stadium is also the home of the Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum.

1 Review for Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum

May 31 2013
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"Something to see between innings"

This review is just on the museum and childhood home of Hank Aaron, not the staduim or the Baybears! Those I give much higher stars and recommend seeing if you visit Mobile, Al.

Inside Hank Aaron Staduim lies the childhood home of the famed baseball player. Yes the actual home picked up and moved loaded with memorabilia. If you're a fan of Hank, it may be something to see but for most its just something to see in between innings or if the kids get restless.

Also this is something that most younger kids wont get, due to lots of reading involved.  Plus some of the artifacts just seem like filler, I even looked at some and though what?  Why is his mothers dress and walker placed in the museum? Also a small space dedicated to the original nails and bricks used in the house? Why arent those still part of the house, they still looked useable. Do you really care?

Once again the staduim and team, I rate much higher; but this I stick with the 2 stars.  Yes its historically important and yes it serves a purpose. As a stand alone destination its quite lacking and not somthing the kids or anyone who's not a huge Hank Aaron fan would care much for.

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