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Grover Hot Springs State Park

Grover Hot Springs, Markleeville, California 96120 | (530) 694-2249
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Type: Nature & Gardens
Ages: Ages 3 — adult
Cost: $
Hours of operation: daily (June to Aug) varies (Sept to May) call for hours

Grover Hot Springs State Park is located on the east side of the Sierra at the edge of the Great Basin Province, characterized by open pine forest, and sagebrush and meadows. The park has a pool complex with a hot pool and a swimming pool hot springs, a campground, picnic area and hiking trails.
A full range of seasons and weather offer the visitor the opportunity to experience a variety of conditions, from major blizzards to dry scorchers, from warm clear nights to intense, blasting thunderstorms. Winds of great speeds are capable of whipping through the park causing damage during any month of the year. Pristine clear, warm days can be followed by cold stormy nights.
Proper preparation for the full range of potential conditions can make a visit to the park not only safe and warm but also dry and comfortable.

Why are the Hot Springs Green?
The main reason for the color is the mineral deposits on the bottom of the pool. These mineral deposits are laid down on the surface of the paint by an oxidation reaction between the mineral salts in the water and the sanitizing agent (Bromine) used. 
When the pool is viewed from some distance, rather than from directly overhead, the light that is reflected from the bottom loses certain wavelengths that are absorbed by the various color patterns on the bottom. The remaining light waves then pass back up through the water and are reflected at the surface. This reflected light is in the yellow-green wavelengths of the spectrum.
A natural mineral pool ranging between 102 and 104 degrees
From California State Park Website

3 Reviews for Grover Hot Springs State Park

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May 11 2014
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"Grover Hot Springs State Park Camping Tips"

Grover Hot Springs has not only a year around warm pool, but also some beautiful hiking areas and an accessible stream that kids can wade around in.  The stream was a particular benefit to us because our youngest was 2, and he (still is) the type to run headlong into a pool 8' deep, while not being able to swim.  Swimming pools were our nightmare, so we we found a great alternative on a hot day - hanging out in the stream and letting the boys splash around in the shallow waters.
  So, if you do camp there overnight, look at the park map ahead of time and reserve a spot within walking distance to the stream.  The pool in the summertime is packed, but the stream was nice and quiet!
  One other bit of advice - if you camp overnight, be aware that there are very large beetles (with pinchers, no less)  that like to hang out in the public restrooms at night. If you are potty training  a child, and have a run in with one of these large insects perched on the toilet seat, it could put you back to square one in 5 seconds flat!  If you or your child have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, either just bite the bullet and go outdoors, or bring with you a flashlight and a rolled up newspaper for defense!  

August 26 2013
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"Really fun, unique experience"

Grover Hot Springs is a very fun place to visit. There are two pools fed by mineral springs  with varying temperatures. There's a hot pool with temperatures around 102 and a cooler pool. I visited during a week long camping trip and the hot springs were such a nice treat. They are kid and family friendly. Plan on smelling a little like minerals when you are done. :)

December 23 2010
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"Great after Skiing or Hiking"

I grew up in Markleeville and spent countless days and nights at Grover Hot Springs State Park.  Although I no longer live there, I visit as often as possible.  The hot springs feeds the hot pool (of course), and there is a large cold pool for the kids to enjoy.  Pools are always fun for kids, but this place is great because the adults can enjoy relaxing in the natural hot pool while the kids enjoy the cold.  The view from the pools is incredible.  They are surrounded by national forest, so at night there are no lights in the mountains around the pools and you can watch the stars.  There is also plenty of wildlife.  I remember seeing a bear from the pool once as a teenage.  It takes about 45 minutes to get here from South Tahoe or Kirkwood, but it is well worth it.  I'll take a picture next time I visit to add to Trekaroo.

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