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Granlibakken Ski and Snowplay Area

725 Granlibakken Road, Tahoe City, California 96145 | 877-552-6301
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Type: Sports, Nature & Gardens, and Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: Ages 1 — adult
Cost: $
Hours of operation: 9am-4pm during winter season

In addition to offering lodging, Granlibakken also has a small downhill skiing and snowboarding area, cross country skiing, and a snowplay area when you can slide downhill on a saucer.  The Granilbakken Ski Area has a machine groomed snowplay area for sledding. It costs $10 per person to rent a saucer and to use the snowplay area all day.  The sledding hill is easily accessible by bus and is located right next to the Granlibakken Ski Hill.  Note: Inner tubes and toboggans are not allowed.  
In the summer time, Granlibakken offers, mountain biking, a ropes course, hiking and a spa.

4 Reviews for Granlibakken Ski and Snowplay Area

March 04 2013
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"Granlibakken Ski & Sledding Hill"

Granlibakken Resort is an ideal destination for families yearning to escape to the snow with minimal fuss. Though my family is a mixed bag of interests and skill levels, Granlibakken had something for all of us to enjoy and be challenged by.  Background: I grew up snowboarding, my wife snowboarded in her early 20s, and my kids —ages 5 and 2—had only experienced sledding once before.

The resort’s only ski hill is serviced by T-bar – a new experience for me as a snowboarder. It seems to me the contraption was designed with skiers in mind, but I got the hang of it after a couple runs. The ride down is short, but fun.  There weren’t many people on the hill that day so it was easy for me to wave down my kids to show off. There’s also a small learning area with a rope tow. Neither of the boys opted for lessons this trip, but I can foresee them learning on this hill in the future.

The sledding hill is really, really fun. On our very first run we sat both boys down on our laps on our rented snow discs. Big speed and fine snow spray brought both of them to tears as my wife and I laughed in glee. No fear, we quickly retreated to a makeshift kiddie sledding area off to the side of the main hill for some practicing. After a day, my eldest son was ready for the big hill and was ultimately reluctant to leave it at the end of our stay.

The Ski Hut at the foot of the ski hill houses the rental shop and the snack bar. The staff is super-friendly and laid back. They have newer rental equipment which is a bonus for a small resort.  The snack bar is a stand out – they cook makes amazing Mexican food. Two words – tortilla soup. What a perfect thing to eat after a morning of sledding.

We’ll be going back to Granlibakken next year. I want to get the boys on snowboards and I’m dreaming about revisiting that sledding hill.

Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center provided my family with complimentary sledding and snowboard rental for this review. They did not request that I express any particular point of view and my reviews always reflect my honest opinions.

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January 31 2013
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"Unsafe for Families"

Three years ago this Valentine's Day I was in a horrible accident at Granlibakken. It was a busy holiday weekend and the resort opted to accept as many dollars as possible instead of creating a firm and fixed number of families they'd accept on the mountain to ensure safety at all costs.

We were sledding with another family and I went down the hill for our first run with an 8-year-old between my legs on a single saucer. That was our first and last run that day as although the resort had a person on the top and the bottom of the hill - it was chaos - and the monitor at the top allowed four adults to link themselves together and go top speed down the hill (hello weight and gravity, not a good idea). This group used my lower back to stop themselves and fractured my spine in three places. If the little girl had been hit instead of me, she'd be paralyzed or dead, no question about it.

All the witnesses could not believe what happened. I was so irate about their negligent monitoring that I immediately went inside the lodge and asked to speak to the General Manager and BEGGED him to stop taking money and reduce the number of participants on the hill immediately.  Not only did he not do that, but actually argued with me, injury and all.

Moreover, not the GM or a SINGLE person from Granlibakken every bothered to check in on me to see how I fared, that day, the day after, months after when I was still in bed, or three years later, i.e. now.

At the time, when I shared my story with other Bay Area families, all kinds of people came out of the woodwork to say they had terrible experiences here and that the management is shoddy.

All it takes is one negligent person in these activities that are dangerous if not managed well (the hospital confirmed they see more sledding accidents than skiing) to cause serious damage.

It's not worth the risk for an hour of fun. Don't bring your kids here. I'm not against sledding and tubing, in fact I think it is a fabulous activity. I'm just again't sledding at resorts where safety is not the number one priority.

August 13 2012
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"Affordable Family Fun"

Prior to our visit, my family shared two weeks of giggles guessing the correct pronunciation of Granlibakken. We finally settled on Grand-Crack-ah-lackin! There’s no way we could have known at the time, but boy were we ever spot on. Without a doubt, Granlibakken’s Sledding Hill is indeed crackin!

Granlibakken’s Sledding Hill is machine-groomed, large enough to thrill adults without striking fear in the hearts of children, and is a close walk from the parking lot. Helmets are recommended and can be rented at the Ski Hut Snack Bar.  

Granlibakken is beginner friendly, family friendly, and their prices are incredibly budget friendly. Granlibakken is along I-80, making the drive from Sacramento less intimidating than the drive along Highway 50 because I-80 is cleared of snow constantly by the California Department of Transportation and Highway 50 tends to be mostly a two-lane, winding, twisty road.

I did not grow up skiing and feel lost at large ski resorts. At Granlibakken, I felt comfortable with my novice skill set. Additionally, unlike a trip to a large ski resort, I didn’t need to withdrawal a large chunk of cash from the ATM before my visit because the cost for saucer rental and use of Granlibakken’s Sledding Hill is only $10 a day!! You can sled every day of the week, but no toboggans, tubes, or metal sleds are permissible.  

Granlibakken is my resort of choice for sledding as it's neither intimidating nor expensive. The sledding hill will be open through April 8th, 2012. You can use the Sledding Hill even if you're not a guest at Granlibakken.

Granlibakken Resort and Conference Center provided my family with complimentary sledding and helmet rentals for this review. They did not request that I express any particular point of view and my reviews always reflect my honest opinions.

Dr. Mom
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December 23 2010
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"Sledding at Granlibakken"

I have been taking my 6 year old sledding at Granlibakken for the past 2 years. It is a wonderful family resort and my son cannot wait to go! It is a small resort so I do not feel like he gets run over by large crowds. There is always a staff member at the bottom of the hill patrolling to make sure the children get out of the way before the next sledders come down the hill. At times when there have been large crowds there are staff at the top of the hill as well who make sure too many sledders are not going down at the same time.

We have made a family tradition to take our son sledding every year on christmas eve. It is fantastic as he is worn out afterward & sleeps well that night.

We have introduced the resort to family friends with children who have had wonderful experiences as well. The fathers have just as much fun as the kids.

I own my own small business & this year I took my staff sledding for a christmas party as well.  It was a great family experience for all who came. The staff members with children had a great time & were thankful to include the entire family. And it was great fun to share the resort with some of my younger employees (in their 20's) who kept saying how "awesome" the sledding hill was.

It is a great family activity & I will continue to return for years to come!

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