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Everything Hunky Dory - CLOSED

The Village at Squaw , 1850 Village South Rd., Suite 53, Olympic Valley, California 96146 | 530-583-6500
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Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$
Hours of operation: Open daily, 12PM-8PM

Everything Hunky Dory is  a crafting studio where patrons can partake in candle-making, button-making and all sorts of fun crafting activities!

1 Review for Everything Hunky Dory - CLOSED

August 02 2013
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"Cool Craftiness "

My family made a very cool discovery as we strolled through the summer arts and crafts festival in the Village at Squaw ---- a craft studio called Everything Hunky Dory (EHD) had opened it's doors!

While candle making appears to be the major activity going on in this studio, buttons are another popular item to fashion together and an artist was leading a decoupage activity at a table in front to the place.

I brought a construction crew to EHD though and they were ready to construct a candle!  You start this project by selecting a shape --- there was a range to choose from too!  Rectangles, squares, pillars, balls, half moons, cat eyes and pyramids were among the samples presented to us.

As I already stated I arrived with a construction crew in tow,  so we selected a pyramid.  The next step is selecting some "kicks" to include in the finished product.  Animals shapes, letters and hearts are among the items you can choose from (NOTE:  the cost for these is not included in the price o the candle).

Once you've decided on your candle shape and your kicks, a staff member provides a brief lesson on how to use the tools and construct the candle.  Then the creativity begins!

My family decided on how to arrange the kicks then selected colorful wax chunks arranged in two rows of buckets and built up our candle in a pyramid shaped mold.  A stick with the candle wick tied to it rested across the rim of the mold and acted as a guideline for how high we had to arrange those colorful wax chunks.

Once the construction work was complete,  we had to agree on --- I mean select --- a scent for our candle.  While I lobbied for Chardonnay (the scent, not a glass of wine!!),  my daughter wanted Hawaiian Flowers and my husband voted for Mountain Leaves.  I'm sure we weren't the first family who  Ro Sham Bo'd for the privilege of choosing the scent.  In case you're wondering, Hawaiian Flowers won out!

The last step in the creative process is pouring hot liquid wax and your chosen scent into the mold.   We watched as a EHD staff member handled this portion of the creative process.  Freshly poured candles need about 90 minutes to two hours to cool before you can take them home.  

All-in-all this was a pretty fun project.  The greatest surprise was my husband's reaction,  " I really enjoyed that!"  he told me.  Yes, those are the words of a weekend warrior triathlete-type so feel free to take the guys along to this activity!  

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