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Creative Space

11916 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064
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1 Review for Creative Space

October 01 2011
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"One of the Best kids parties I have ever been to!"

We went to a 5 year old's birthday party at Creative Space.  These people know how to throw a party!!!  It was 2 hours of fun, play, & projects.  I will walk you through the party:

When you arrive you enter the main "lobby" area.  This is where they set up the adults food and the adults mingled while the kids played.  (my daughter is 3 so I was with her the whole time, which is good for this review)  There is comfortable seating and enough room to comfortably fit about 15/20  adults.  My husband was thrilled to mingle with the other husbands!  We where taken in to a side room where my daughter had her nails painted, her face painted and her choice of temporary tattoo applied.  After everyone was done being painted they hopped into another room where they where able to decorate a small backpack that they got to take home.  Markers, flowers, pom poms, and feathers adorn these fine works of art.  After that project it was off to there "gym."  That is where they did an obstacle coarse and danced to some current music...lots of fun!  I do have to give it up to the 3 teachers that ran the party, they where able to keep all 30 children in order...especially since most parents where out mingling in the lobby.  Then it was time for the kids to eat.  Pizza and juice where served.  Still not over!!!  The teachers assembled a line and the kids skipped back to the craft room where they decorated a wooden wand with glitter, gems, bells, ribbon, and pipe cleaners.  Then the finally...back to the "kitchen"  where freshly baked cupcakes sans decoration where handed out with an assortment of colored frosting & colored & chocolate sprinkles.  ( I asked for plain white because we are a NO DYE household and they where happy to oblige).  The kids used tongue depressors to apply the frosting themselves and where able to decorate the cupcake as they deemed fit!  FUN FUN FUN !!!!!  My daughter and all 29 other children where in heaven!  The children then picked up there projects and the party was over.

The party was fast pace so the kids where always entertained. The teachers that ran the show where great in handling the kids and keeping the peace.  They where high energy with a little bit of sass ( I like when people don't take themselves and stressful situations serious) The projects where fun and the kids really enjoyed them.  Just a great surprise!

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