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Crater of Diamonds State Park

209 State Park Road, Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958 | (870) 285-3113
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Dig for diamonds, Play at the Diamond Spring Water Park, Camp at the Park, and there's a restaurant onsite.

It's hot, bring water. Food in the nearby town is almost non-existent especially if fast food is unsuitable for you- bring your own. They have it there- but, again- food in this area NOT great. Hot Springs is a short drive & worth the drive.

3 Reviews for Crater of Diamonds State Park

July 31 2011
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"More fun with friends"

You will be bored unless you enjoy sitting in a field of dirt digging for diamonds. I, personally could sit there all day, but I like to 'win' so I got very discouraged when I didn't find a diamond! My children and husband enjoyed about an hour and then they were done. To really find something I think you need heavy duty shovels and really put your back into it. Which would be more like work and less like play...  If you go, take snacks and drinks. You can rent supplies or bring your own.

January 11 2011
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"Crater of Diamonds"

I went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park and it's kind of a joke.  They have this huge field of dirt and you go and dig.  My kids were bored the entire time and they love to dig in the dirt.  I think you do get to keep anything you find and a few people over the years have found some diamonds but all we've ever found was dirt.

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December 23 2010
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"We won't do this again..."

This is a one time "must see/do" activity for us- unfortunately after my hubbie and I went- our boys couldn't wait to go dig for diamonds. I admit the fantasy is better than the reality- but, we made SURE the boys were aware of the reality. It's hot during Summer, even in Spring. If it rains they say you have better luck finding diamonds- it hailed on hubbie & I and all we got was wet. It's in a plowed field- if you look at any farm, stand in the middle of that with the sun blazing on you digging- that's what you are doing. A pick axe comes in handier than shovels. Sand buckets are as useful as paying for the rentals- because in the heat you tire from carrying dirt to sift. Don't expect to find much- while they post bits about finds & often folks do, in 2 trips sifting through mud, muck, hail & rain- all we found was that the little kids water park was a great escape for the boys! It would be useful if they used those shades you often see in the desert areas, to protect folks- but, instead you will be crowded up like cattle at the trough panning through your dirt to fish out rocks of all sorts. Interesting- but, short lived.

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