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Chapel of the Holy Cross

780 Chapel Road, Sedona, Arizona
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3 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments and Nature & Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: Free

Chapel built into Sedona's red rock mesas serves is a local icon and heavily visited tourist attraction.

3 Reviews for Chapel of the Holy Cross

January 10 2016
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"An Incredible Architectural Feat!"

Built into the side of the red mesas overlooking Sedona,  the Chapel of the Holy Cross is located on Coconino National Forest land.  It is quite a sight to see and difficult to miss when driving toward Sedona --- a magnificent cross jutting out of the side of the mountain.  When we spotted it, we were drawn to it.  So were a lot of other visitors.

You'll know immediately if it is a busy time for visitors.  The road from the gate to the church is narrow.  There will be a line of traffic.

- If you've arrived during a busy time, take the first available parking spot and walk in.  It is an easy walk, even for kids.

This is what we did as our visit was during a busy time.  While there was a line of traffic, it was an orderly situation.  People in yellow vests were directing traffic and keeping the situation calm and together. We parked below and walked in, something we were glad we did as it appeared that staying in the line was a rather slow going situation.  We never felt we were in danger as we walked along the road side to the chapel.  The terrain is tight enough that the cars have to going slowly even as they are heading down too.

I was raised Catholic so, I've been in a lot of cathedrals and churches over the years.  I have never seen anything like this one.  It is a beautiful structure on it's own but it is also surrounded by an amazing amount of natural beauty. The views are breathtaking.  I was also amazing by the large clear window behind the altar framed it all so beautifully.  Most church altars if they have a window behind it at all, have a stained glass window. I don't think I've ever seen a clear one.  It makes sense that there is one though.  What better way to thank God for all the wonders in the world than to look out that window at an amazing example of it?


November 12 2013
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"Beautiful area"

Easy walk (just takes a few minutes)up a paved path to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a chapel built right in to the red rock of Sedona. ~fyi~ wheelchair accessible. Amazing views of the valley. Nice, serene setting inside the chapel and pretty landscaping outside the chapel.  *free parking

June 16 2013
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"Beautiful chapel make for an easy pit stop"

The famous Chapel of the Holy Cross can be seen for miles as it seems to perch itself on the edge of a red rock mesa, making it a popular tourist attraction. My family visited during a busy weekend in March and did have to wait about 5 minutes before a parking spot opened up. There isn't much to do at the chapel other than walk around and take pictures but it just didn't seem right to visit Sedona and not at least make a stop. The architecture is impressive and the views are lovely but after about 15 minutes, we were done.

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