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Cabazon Dinosaurs (Robotic Dinosaurs and Museum)

50800 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, California 92230
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8 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments
Ages: Ages 3 — adult
Cost: $
Hours of operation: Weekdays 10-5, Weekends 9:30-6:00

8 Reviews for Cabazon Dinosaurs (Robotic Dinosaurs and Museum)

May 17 2016
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"A quick stop"

Get some gas and In N Out, and then drive over to see these giants. We didn't go in the museum, but do like to stop and gaze up at the dinosaurs. They really are huge. There's a picnic table right underneath one, which I always think would be fun during a road trip.

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August 23 2014
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"Nice diversion to the road trip"

My first experience to this place was in the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". I initially thought it was just a movie set to go along with the absurdity of the movie. Once I realized it was a real place, I have always wanted to go there to check it out. On a trip to Palm Springs I finally was able to experience the Cabazon Dinosaurs.
it is a great place to go during your road trip, if you happen to be passing it. There is a large T-Rex and Apatosaurus that is clearly visible from the freeway. They appear to be full scale models, but I am not an archeologist, so I am just guessing at this point.
It has its own parking lot, which is a very short walk to the dinosaurs. You probably don't need your stroller if your kids are over 2 years old and walking confidently.
Children and adults alike can be seen scrambling around getting into position for pictures. You can get up close and personal to the dinosaurs and climb on the feet and touch the legs. The tails are fenced off to prevent climbing them.
The Apatosaurus has a gift shop inside so you can actually go into the large lizard. We did not do that on our trip, but some people ventured in out of curiosity.
If you walk down a gravel path, you get the museum, which charges admission. Along the way to the museum is the mouth of another dinosaur that you can stand next to, or even sit in if you're small enough. It is another photo Op for sure. Another type of dinosaur is also there right before getting to the ticket booth.
We did not go into the museum during this trip and I did not see many people going in or coming out. The main draw to this place is the lifelike dinosaurs that you can see from the freeway.
It is a great place to stop and stretch your legs and do some moving to break up the road trip, and acts as a nice diversion. The kids will talk it about it afterwards as something unique and exciting. It is definitely worth doing.

August 20 2013
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"Good for a road trip break"

Having lived in SoCal my whole life, and having often made the trek from my house to Palm Springs to visit family, these dinosaurs are a bit of a road landmark for me.
We've stopped at the dinosaurs a few times, but their sheer size and scale make them still a bit scary to my littlest ones.  We will check back in here in a few years.
Anyone remember the scene filmed here from the movie, "The Wizard"?

June 21 2013
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"Dinosaur Must Do"

I have driven by these gigantic dinos off the 10 fwy for years and today we decided to stop. After walking underneath and around the giant Brach and T-Rex we followed the signs around the corner to the dino museum. It was a little pricey, but we decided to take the pre-historic leap.

The museum is full of dino facts, things to buy and ROBOTIC dinos that move as you walk by. My boys found this awesome, but my girl and I were a little freaked out. :)

Outside the musuem is a dinosaur dig in the sand and gold mining sleuth. We were able to match up the stones we mined with pictures on a near by chart. So fun.

A short walk through the forest filled with dinos ends at the tail of the giant T-Rex you can see from the road. Stairs led us up through the belly and into the mouth of the beast where we could look through the teeth out onto the 10.

Totally worth the stop. A must do one-time event.

November 25 2012
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"it's cute if you like science and your kids can't read"

i really like the cabazon dinos, i really dislike the agenda.

the museum is a "museum". there is no actual fact, but seeing dinos and lambs together is pretty funny. if you take kids, just be sure to explain your point of view, especially if you like science.

otherwise, enjoy the photo-op, and get some pie at the wheel inn.

December 23 2010
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"We LOVED it!"

Dinosaurs have most kids' fascinated and it's no different with ours!  The dinosaur exhibit was pretty extensive with many, many different types of dinosaurs.  Outside was a walking trail through gardens with many different dinosaur statues leading to the large over-sized T-Rex!  The T-Rex had stairs inside that you climbed up and into it's mouth looking out over the parking lot way below!  

The museum itself had great information if you believe in God creating the earth, which we do!  The robotic dinosaurs looked a little scary, but realistic, and even scared my 3 year old a bit.  My 6 year old loved riding on the dinosaur ride though!  

Our other favorites were the dinosaur dig where you search through sand like an archeologist for rocks that have dinosaur names on them.  If you find a rock, you get a prize from the prize basket- everyone wins!  Also, there's a panning for gemstones station where we searched for probably an hour for different types of rocks and gemstones- it was a big hit!  :)  I would definitely recommend visiting this museum, it's fantastic and definitely worth the price!  You get so much for so little!  :)

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December 23 2010
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"If they're on your route somewhere..."

I went to these as a kid, so naturally I had to take my kid! Don't make a special trip, though, or you'll be disappointed. Cabazon is a tiny town off the 10 freeway, so if you're on your way to or from Palm Springs, stop on by. If you want, you can also hit the outlets.

The 2 giant dinosaurs sit in a dirt lot in the desert. You can go inside them & there is a gift shop with dino-related items. Not much else to do here, but the kids seem to enjoy it.

You might remember this place from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Take some pictures, let the kids climb around the dinosaurs, then head off. Plan to spend less than an hour.

December 23 2010
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"Quick side-trip off the 10 freeway"

We were enticed to see the dinos after viewing the freeway billboard sign on our way home from Palm Springs. It's located off the Cabazon exit on the 10 freeway. It was pretty windy, too (not too far from the windmills).

We got some great photos with the T-Rex and brontosaurus, the world's largest dinos. We spent a few minutes oohing and aahing over the dinosaurs outside before we went on our way. Due to time constraints, we were not able to go into the museum. Maybe another visit.

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