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Barco Theater

800 West Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, California
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Ages: Ages 6 — adult

1 Review for Barco Theater

August 14 2016
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"A Fatally Flawed Gimmick"

For all it's seaming appeal, the Barco theater simply doesn't hold up technically.

The Barco isnt a theater as much as it is a technology.  Essentially it aims to spread the screen as wide as possible by adding 16x9 movie screens to the "main screen".  There are two such screens in LA presently and we went to the one at LA LIVE (during an Adele concert which was the worst possible planning ever, but that's beside the point.  The only Regal theater in LA could be considered a flagship establishment.  Its very nice.  The actual Barco technology leaves much to be desired.

The Barco is literally crammed into a standard issue movie theater, and as such has its own perils in its logistics as the angle of the screens are much too sharp on either side to not be completely offputting.  Adding to that,  the walls on either side of this specific theater didnt allow for the screens to match up along the top and the bottom.   (the screen on either side of the main screen offset by 6" to 1') which took away from the experience.  Ive learned that the other Barco theater in LA took the place of the IMAX theater so theres much more room to work out these specific logistics.

The film itself isnt shot to be projected on the Barco.  As Barco is a new technology, there arent any films shot in the Barco format, and because of that issue, the technology is under utilized and the finished product on screen just doesnt look right.  Only specific scenes in the movie ("the most dynamic scenes", as one of the producers of the film explained in a video message prior to the screening) actually use the technology and in some instances use it very, very poorly.

A format that allows for an all encompassing view of the filmmakers vision could cause some vertigo.  Additionally, your attention is drawn away from the main action when the scenes using the two ancillary screens come up.  It's almost distracting

I understand the concept they were trying to acheieve, but it doesnt hit the mark. If you have to pay more to see a film using this technology, I would advise passing, moreover, I would appreciate seeing any movie on a standard movie screen than I would at a theater using Barco technology even if the price of the tickets were equal in price.  There are some serious flaws that need to be addressed before this format will become viable in the industry.

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