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Arizona Science Center

600 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 | 602-716-2000
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4 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments
Ages: Ages 1 — adult
Cost: $
Hours of operation: 10am-5pm, daily

Science Museum in the Heritage and Science Park in Cooper Square. Learn about the human body, how to build a house, music, the forces of nature, and the digital world. More than 300 hands-on exhibits with demonstrations happening throughout the museum the entire day. There's also a  planetarium and a five-story high IMAX® theater in the Science Center.
Be sure to check out their family events as well.

Additional fees for planetarium and special exhibit shows.
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

4 Reviews for Arizona Science Center

May 29 2015
3 families found this helpful
"Fun for all ages"

We purchased season passes and have been several times during the last few months.  The best time to go is right when it opens (before the school groups get there) or after lunch (once the school groups leave).  My 3 kids ages 2-7 love going!  I even learn and enjoy trying different things out with the kids while we are there.  Some of their favorite exhibits are the paper airplane launcher and the weather simulator! No food allowed in the museum so we take a break and have a little picnic near the check in area.  We paid extra for the planetarium once with friends.  The older kids (7 and 8) thought it was really cool but the younger (2-5) were only interested for the first few mins.  If you have younger kids I'd skip it.  It's a lot of talking and "facts".  Overall and fun place to visit, explore and learn.  Oh and don't forget to take your parking ticket in for validation at the check in desk for a discount on parking fees.

June 01 2015
1 family found this helpful
"Sensory Overload!"

We just got a membership here for our third year in a row. There is so much for kids of all ages to experience. I have 5 kids (ages 9, 6, 5, 2, and under 1) and everyone of them enjoys themselves here. They all like different aspects of the museum. My older kids understand the science behind the exhibits and learn more every time we go. My 2nd grader really likes the demonstrations that are done about every hour on the first floor. The little ones love pressing all the buttons and pulling all the levers, even if they have no idea what they are doing.

It can get pretty crazy here if you come on a weekend, holiday, or during a field trip. To avoid crowds, come on weekday afternoons when most field trips have left. On days when the weather is nice, we like to take a break with a snack outside on the fourth floor. There is an area with picnic tables, AstroTurf, and some great views. Make sure to visit the Forces of Nature exhibit on the 3rd floor. It's really fun.

February 26 2013
1 family found this helpful
"The Amazing Arizona Science Center"

This is a place you must go if you visit Phoenix!  Fun for kids and adults of all ages.  There is so much to see and do here.  Almost everything is hands on and engages even the youngest of children.

The first floor features a specific toddler play area with a playhouse, so don't miss it if you have a little one.    I love this area because it's inside a larger room with lots of things for my other children to play and build with so everyone is doing age appropriate activities and I can see them all!  We've literally spent hours in this room alone.  Also on the first floor there is a new water exhibit that is hands on (so go here at the end of the day because the kids WILL get wet).  It is soooo fun though!

There is also and IMAX and a planetarium located on the first floor (costs extra).  We have enjoyed the planetarium on several occasions and find it a nice place to take a break and just watch the show.

The rest of the Science Center (all 4 floors) is a goldmine of educational wealth.  You and your kids will have fun discovering and learning together.  Don't miss the weather exhibit on the 3rd floor where you get to experience a hurricane, earthquake, heat wave and more!  Kids love it!

My kids always love the 3rd floor Ham Radio room as well.  This room is kind of tucked away and you don't want to miss it.  There are computers in this room that the kids can take pictures of themselves with and then decorate the pictures and put them on a big screen.  Very fun!

The 2nd floor features a room that has a bed of nails to lie on and all sorts of games and pulley's that the kids can have contests with.  There are activities for all ages in this room as well, so we love this room for all our children.  There is also a SkyCycle (costs extra) where you can ride a bike on a cable 15 ft. above the ground. (Don't worry, you can't fall over, it's weighted).

The AZ Science Center often features a limited time exhibit.  These have always been top notch! Sometimes they cost more on top of your ticket or membership and sometimes they are free.  I highly recommend going to these because they are always fascinating and educational in nature.  (If it's an art exhibit, you may want to find a babysitter and just go with your significant other so you can get the most out of this experience).

Bathrooms are very nice and clean and equipped with changing tables.  There is a cafeteria area just outside the Science Center to the right of the little cafe.  Food and drink are not allowed inside the Science Center, so we always take our lunch and play for a while and then go eat it here before we go play some more.

The best parking is located in the garage directly north of the Science Center.  Enter on Monroe Street and don't forget to take your parking stub with you to the science center for validation.  That will give you a few hours of free parking and then a discounted rate after that.

Plan to stay for several hours! Go and have fun!

December 23 2010
2 families found this helpful
"Fun for a wide swath of ages"

Very educational and fun all rolled in one. I was nervous about bringing my 22 month old son here for the day and finding nothing for him to do. I was surprisingly mistaken. We were there for 2 hours and were busy for the entire time! Everything in the Science Center is hands-on, so there are plenty of things for any youngster.
My son loved the exhibit dedicated to the construction industry on the first floor. I think he has a potential career as a plumber because he loved connecting all the pipes and valves together to the hot and cold water outputs. Lots of fun. The other highlight was the sneezing nose in the health area. He wasn't able to throw the balls effectively into the nostril of the nose, but loved watching the older kids throw the balls into the nose and then watching the nose sneeze them all out all over the floor.

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